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deviCes for Light impact on Skin Stem Cells


CLaSSiC is an interdisciplinary, intersectoral research project, leveraging insights on molecular, cellular and biophysics impact of light on skin stem cells towards novel devices for regenerative therapy. The aging demographic means a growing need for effective therapeutic solutions addressing age-related and age-independent skin disorders, including failure of wound healing, hair loss or unwanted hair growth. All have negative psychological impact affecting millions and present significant personal and clinical cost burdens to society. Light therapy is known but has developed rather empirically, lacking basic research. CLaSSiC will unlock the potential for new light-based devices for management of skin and hair disorders. State-of-the art scientific solutions can only be found when complimentary partners work synergistically. CLaSSiC is a two-partner network comprising PHILIPS (Netherlands) and the Centre for Skin Sciences (University of Bradford UK). A board of 8 very experienced supervisors will team-up across disciplines and sectors to train and mentor 3 early stage researchers who will work at superb research facilities at both locations. The objectives of CLaSSiC combine scientific training in skin biology, biophysics of light interaction with skin stem cells, and device design. Students’ projects will deliver the science required for PHILIPS to develop devices to treat specific skin and hair disorders such as healing wounds and modulating hair growth. Students have an innovative training plan and will benefit from the entrepreneurial environs of the High Tech Campus and an ethos of excellence in basic and applied research at the University of Bradford. CLaSSiC will train the next generation of leaders in ‘physics and physiology’ towards opportunities in regenerative therapies. Future leaders from this project will possess both the competitive skills and experience required to establish a leading position for the EU in light-stem cell interactions.

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Richmond Road
BD7 1DP Bradford
United Kingdom
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 428 690,24
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Sheila Fry (Mrs.)

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€ 366 340,64
High Tech Campus 52
5656 AG Eindhoven
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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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Veronika Kiss (Ms.)