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Quality Assessment of Living with Information Technology


Changes in information and telecommunications technologies are having an increasing influence on daily life and on society as a whole. These changes are associated with equally profound transformations in working life, and have given rise to a renewed concern with quality-of-life issues in general and, especially, to questions regarding the quality of working life (QWL).
The QUALIT project will help optimise information technologies used in situations where an improvement in QWL is desired by supplying a decision-support system (the QUALIT tool) coupled with a library of documented case studies (the Observatorium).
The QUALIT project will reach its goals by further refining and validating the theoretical basis for organisations and quality of life developed in the ongoing QLIS project (5374). It will also use the prototypes developed in QLIS. QUALIT will develop an environment (including various knowledge-based tools) for analysing quality-of-life issues in work-forces.
The main results are expected to be:
-a theoretical base for quality of life in the work-forces of organisations
-an environment supporting the analysis of quality-of-life issues in work-forces
-installation and use of the environment in at least five different organisations in at least three countries
-establishment of the Observatorium.
The market for the results will consist of IT consultancies, IT suppliers and IT developers.


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