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"PReventing, Interdicting and Mitigating Extremist events: Defending against lone actor extremism"


"The PRIME project will support the design of technologies (counter-measures and communication measures) for the prevention, interdiction and mitigation of lone actor extremist events (LOEEs), which are hard to anticipate, yet can be highly damaging to local and national communities and therefore must be addressed. Given the difficulty in detecting LOEEs, prevention-based strategies must be complemented by interdiction- and mitigation-based measures, to minimize harm in the event of detection failure. These measures must be accompanied by communication strategies aimed at a range of audiences, including extremists and the general public. The PRIME project will deliver a knowledge-base to inform the design of measures to defend against LOEEs, by achieving the following objectives: 1): Characterising a) the risk posed by lone actor extremists, and b) the context in which measures to defend against LOEEs may be implemented; 2) Producing a cross-level risk analysis framework within which to articulate the key factors and processes implicated in LOEEs, across all stages of the event (radicalisation, attack preparation, attack). 3): Translating the risk analysis framework into a meta-script of lone actor extremist events, and developing methodologies and techniques to produce empirically-supported scripts of each stage. 4): Producing an integrated, cross-level script of LOEEs, and identifying categories of intervention points or 'pinch points'. 5): Delivering a portfolio of requirements for the design of measures for the prevention, interdiction and mitigation of lone actor extremist events across levels of intervention, informed by the analysis of the event script and an understanding of the context in which these measures may be implemented. 6): Delivering a portfolio of requirements for communication measures directed at a diverse audience at each stage of the script, in coordination with the portfolio of counter-measures."

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