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Mobility Programme of Slovak Academy of Sciences: Supportive Fund for Excellent Scientists

Final Report Summary - SASPRO (Mobility Programme of Slovak Academy of Sciences: Supportive Fund for Excellent Scientists)

SASPRO Programme is an initiative of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) with the goal to attract experienced researchers, both Slovak and foreigners, from abroad to the SAS organisations and provide them with adequate and motivating conditions for performing their research. Intentions behind this programme were to a) increase quality of the research performed in the Slovakia and within the SAS; b) positively contribute to the mobility of ideas and researchers within the ERA and world; c) develop broad network of contacts comprising fellows, host organisations and partner organisations; d) provide fellows with thorough scientific training as well as training in transferable skills; e) adequately disseminate research results and engage all relevant stakeholders; f) improve an image of science and researchers in eyes of public.

Programme was coordinated and administrated by the SAS which acted as beneficiary and its research organisations were in the position of fellows’ host organisations. SAS provided 60% of the overall budget, additional 40% was covered by the EU contribution. Budget of the programme was approx. 7,78 mil. Euro. Duration of the programme was 5 years – from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2018.

SAS recruited 38 fellows within the programme that were employed on full-time basis at the 20 host organisations. Individual projects covered different research areas and topics – from physics, mathematics, engineering through chemistry, oncology, immunology, molecular biology, polymer sciences to sociology, philosophy, archaeology, history, political sciences or linguistics. Programme was greatly based on the bottom-up approach and provided applicants/fellows with room for building up their projects according to their research and career needs. Programme resulted in huge number of research outputs – publications, monographs, patent applications as well as in different types of dissemination and popularisation activities. After the end of the programme, half of the fellows (19) decided to stay in their host organisations.

Programme SASPRO set up rigorous evaluation and selection process based on the international, transparent and professional peer-review system which can serve as inspiration for other future mobility programmes in Slovakia. Fellows were recruited and employed in accordance with the Charter & Code and these principles can be easier applicable for the recruitment of other researchers.

Programme met all expectations and specified goals. It definitely contributed to the improvement of the Slovak research environment and helped to build significant and useful network of contacts – within and outside of country, region, continent, scientific disciplines, sectors, etc. It also provided whole range of opportunities for fellows to boost their career and to gain new experience. SAS is currently preparing new mobility programme as a continuation of the Programme SASPRO.

Public website of the Programme can be found at (it is also available in Slovak language).
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