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The Researchers’ Night 2013 in the Czech Republic


"Researchers´ Night 2013 Czech Republic is based on the performance of scientists as ordinary people who are in essence no different from the general public. The goal is to bring together the public at large and researchers to improve the image of researchers and to strengthen the public recognition in the scientific work in a funny way. The next goal is to stimulate young people's interest in scientific careers through this event. This year's motto for RN2013CZ is ""Energy to knowledge."" Energy will become the common element across the venues of the Researchers´ Night in the Czech Republic. The theme of ""Energy to knowledge"" will demonstrate not only the importance of science and scientists who convey us energy in those various forms but also their efforts needed to be done in scientific research. As one of the ideas that will fulfil the theme ""Energy to knowledge"" is accompanied by its savings or perhaps thinking of energy as an important element in our lives with whom we should be treated objectively, when taking into account the aspects of responsible research and innovation. The goal is to make each venue focused on the presentation of energy, according to the direction of each participants´ research and activities. Visitors of RN2013CZ will have the opportunity to explore the scientific work, have fun and share their leisure time with the scientists. Anyone regardless of age and scientific skills will be able to participate in experiments, watch demonstrations, take part in competitions or just enjoy having fun with researchers. The role of the European Commission in supporting this particular event will be described and the EC will be presented as an institution that continuously and largely supports research Europe-wide."

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U Planetaria 2969/1 Jizni Predmesti
301 00 Plzen

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Administrative Contact
Ondrej Votruba (Mr.)
EU contribution
€ 75 000