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NUBOMEDIA: an elastic Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud for interactive social multimedia

Project description

Connected and Social media
NUBOMEDIA is an elastically scalable cloud infrastructure specifically devoted to the provision of real-time multimedia services.

The most remarkable problem developer's face when creating real-time multimedia services is complexity. NUBOMEDIA proposition is to minimize complexity by creating a specific purpose cloud platform bringing all the cloud advantages to the arena of real-time interactive multimedia. NUBOMEDIA will be capable of abstracting all the low level details of service deployment, management, and mass-scale exploitation. In addition, all the capabilities shall be exposed through a simple API.
Thanks to NUBOMEDIA users shall be able to interact through the media but also to interact with the media. As a result, we shall support traditional conversational person-to-person and group communications usage scenarios, but also person-to-machine (e.g. non-linear interactive media browsing), person-to-media (e.g. recognizing a face by touching onto it on a smartphone screen) and machine-to-machine (e.g. starting/stopping recording when a specific event occurs) interactions.

Vison: NUBOMEDIA is the first cloud platform specifically designed for hosting interactive multimedia services. Its architecture is based on media pipelines: chains of elements providing media capabilities such as encryption, transcoding, augmented reality or video content analysis. These chains allow building arbitrarily complex media processing for applications. As a unique feature, from the point of view of the pipelines, the NUBOMEDIA cloud infrastructure behaves as a single virtual super-computer encompassing all the available resources of the underlying physical network. Thanks to this, NUBOMEDIA applications can elastically scale and adapt to the required load preserving Quality of Service (QoS) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees.Mission: NUBOMEDIA mission is to democratize interactive multimedia communication services by making their creation, deployment and mass-scale exploitation a cheap, rapid and effortless process. To achieve this, we use a strategy composed of two axes. First, NUBOMEDIA exposes its capabilities through a simple to use and intuitive API that can be used by non-expert developers on most popular client platforms such as smartphones and WWW browsers. Second, the NUBOMEDIA infrastructure is released using a flexible and attractive Free Open Source Software license guaranteeing openness and neutrality.
Expected project results: As a result of this project we expect to create a specification of the NUBOMEDIA architecture and a prototype implementation of it, which should include the latest trends in the area of interactive multimedia: augmented reality, video content analysis, multisensory information support, 3D, immersive audio and flexible social groups communications. The vision and mission will be validated through the creation of four professional vertical demonstrators and a large-horizontal demonstrator based on a social game. To strengthen the NUBOMEDIA impact, we plan to standardize both the architecture and the API

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