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Content archived on 2024-06-18

Sustainable Manufacturing Adaptive Services with Cloud Architectures for Enterprises

Final Report Summary - SMARTER (Sustainable Manufacturing Adaptive Services with Cloud Architectures for Enterprises)

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It is paramount and timely for European manufacturing companies to adopt energy/carbon-related evaluation, planning and monitoring systems to enhance their sustainable competitiveness. This Smarter project is aimed at establishing effective industry-academia partnerships and pathways for sustainable manufacturing management by developing, deploying and demonstrating intelligent Cloud-based services (SMARTER services) to address dynamics and complexity in product development and manufacturing. The following project-level objectives have been achieved:
1. Over twenty researchers and engineers from four universities/research institute of the UK, Sweden and Spain, and four companies of the UK, Germany and Sweden, have teamed up and seconded across the two sectors to enrich knowledge bases and achieve research synergies in sustainable manufacturing. The latest research on know-how, strategies, technologies and industrial case studies have been shared. Cross-sectional engineering training to researchers for developing versatile and multi-disciplinary applied research skills have been provided.
2. The complementary expertise of the inter-sectoral teams have been integrated to devise Cloud-based sustainability services and the Smarter platform. The services and platform are based on integration and the further development of core technologies from the academic and industrial partners, and verification by real-world case studies in product development and manufacturing.
3. The Smarter platform has been deployed into a Swedish company (SWEGON), UK companies (Powerkut and Thamework Holdings) and Spanish research institute (CIM) for technical demonstration, promotion and adoption. A series of dissemination activities for the industrial demo have been organised.
4. Knowledge sharing and outreach activities (project workshops, conference presentation) for relevant communities and stakeholders in wider regions of the EU have been given to increase the awareness of the project outcomes and to exploit the proposed solutions in order for EU manufacturers to shift towards sustainability efficiently. 10 Journal/conference papers and 2 keynote speeches in sustainable manufacturing have been published or presented. 1 edited book for sustainable manufacturing to be published by Springer will be released in April 2018.
5. For the Smarter system deployed in the production line, over 30% energy saving has been achieved. The beneficiaries of the project outcomes include European manufacturing, sustainability policy makers and research societies in sustainable manufacturing.