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Novel conducting polymer composites for applications in medicine

Final Report Summary - POLYMED (Novel conducting polymer composites for applications in medicine)

Effective start date of the POLYMED project was in September 1, 2013 and its last day was 31rs of August 2016. This project went as planned without deviations. Strong interactions between partners and students were produced since the beginning of the project, samples were actively exchanged and a wide number of research visits were executed.
Main research and technological achievements include:
1) Development of first generation materials platform based on organic semiconductor comprising crown-ether entities.
2) Development of materials design criteria to realise single component systems that enable ion flow.
3) Development of blending strategies to further promote ion flow.
4) Establishment of simple characterisation methodology to assess ion and proton flow in organic-based materials systems.
5) Provision of a materials system that should allow electrochemical transistors to be fabricated that work in accumulation mode.
The project has fully achieved its objectives and technical goals for the first and second period. Rapid and well-coordinated materials exchange allowed critical design criteria to be established (ICL/Naples/Polytechnique Montreal) and novel, simple characterization methodologies to be developed (EMSE, Stanford, UW, ICL, University of Montreal). All secondments done during the first and second period allowed the students and partners to deeply collaborate and work together obtaining a wide range of data already submitted or ready for the submission into scientific journal.