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Tri Continental Alliance in Numerical Methods applied to Natural Disasters


It is unquestionable that natural disasters are a major issue for almost all the countries in the world and are considered a priority concern on most of the country strategy papers. In particular, Mexico and China are two of the most vulnerable countries, which regularly suffer from earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and wildfires, to mention some of the most important disasters, where in Europe is a big deal within its regional policy.
Therefore, the main motivation of this proposal comes from the need to establish a tri-continental collaborative scientific work, having Asia and America bringing their research projects and tools through Europe’s policies, work and agenda on the same objectives and interests, doing collaborative work on the development of numerical tools and open source software in order to face relevant issues problems related to natural disasters in which computing simulation can supply outstanding benefits to the different regions and ultimately to the world, such as forecasting, depth analysis of causes, mitigation of their effects through more secure buildings, reliability and risk assessment.
The main objective of the TCAiNMaND proposal is to build a coordinated Sino-Latin American-European team of researchers able to exploit open source codes and numerical methods for designing effective tools to mitigate the main Natural Disasters in the three regions, by a collaborative interchange of software resources, scientific knowledge and, naturally, scientific experts in the different fields.
The participant partners are reputed research centers in numerical methods applied to civil engineering with significant previous collaborations between them: two European centers: CIMNE in Spain and C2EC at Swansea University in UK; an American one, CIMAT in Mexico and a fourth and last partner in Asia, Tsinghua University (THU), what is widely regarded as the best university in China.

Call for proposal

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C Gran Capitan, Edifici C1, Campus Nord Upc Sn
08034 Barcelona
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Research Organisations
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€ 235 200
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Sandra Pérez Albin (Mr.)

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United Kingdom
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€ 201 600
Singleton Park
SA2 8PP Swansea
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Julie Williams (Mrs.)