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Multilevel governance of cultural diversity in a comparative perspective: EU-Latin America

Final Report Summary - GOVDIV (Multilevel governance of cultural diversity in a comparative perspective: EU-Latin America)

Multilevel governance of cultural diversity in a comparative perspective: EU – Latin America (GOVDIV)

The governance of cultural diversity is a key issue for contemporary society. Accommodating cultural diversity while recognizing differences and promoting equal participation in the public sphere is a current and relevant task for policy-makers, academics and analysts. Moreover, the governance of cultural diversity is at the core of global policies for human rights and development and a crucial issue for Europe, Latin America and one way to developing a common area of research in the wake of globalization.

The overall aim of this project was to create a transnational interdisciplinary research and a training network between European and Latin American Universities and Research Centres to promote co-production of knowledge and innovative research in the field of the multilevel governance of cultural diversity in a comparative perspective. Its main objectives were:

a) to consolidate the institutional dimension of teaching & research programs that focus on the management of cultural diversity, minorities & migrants’ agency, and to improve training programs;
b) to implement innovative comparative research projects and produce publications, including a new multilingual journal;
c) to produce new theoretical & comparative frameworks and conceptual tools in the field of governance of cultural diversity at different levels.

To achieve these goals, GOVDIV planned a set of tools:

a) Secondments & mobility of senior and junior researchers
b) Methodological Workshops
c) Summer Schools
d) Final Conference
f) Publications, including the creation of a scientific journal and the organization of special issues, books, etc.
e) Organizations of scientific events and activities with visiting scholars, or parallel academic and dissemination activities in other scientific venues

Overall, GOVDIV organized 4 summer schools, 3 methodological workshops and a final conference, set a website, and created a new multilingual scientific journal. In addition, published (or in press) several books and e-books on migration and diversity issues. All these venues promoted the exchange of ideas and the co-production of knowledge.