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European Identity, Cultural Diversity and Political Change

Final Report Summary - EUINDEPTH (European Identity, Cultural Diversity and Political Change)

The EuinDepth project aimed at exploring the multifaceted phenomenon of European identity from the cultural, political, scientific and religious points of view to identify commonality and diversity in the perception of Europe by the EU and non-EU citizens.

The project consortium covered different European regions: Central, Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern, and different Russian regions: Central, South, Siberia, Ural and Volga. The project brought together 7 European universities and research centres from France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, 7 institutions from Russian Federation and Center of International Projects of Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

The activities were organised in 4 Work Packages of which the first 2 were dedicated to the development of joint methodology and conducting the survey according to it; WP 3 looked deeper into politicization of cultural identities in the EU and non-EU countries; tasks of WP 4 were dedicated to the management issues.

The central research focus of the project manifested itself in the following scientific results:

• developed methodology on conducting multi-country survey on European identity
• conducted survey on the perception of Europe
• 19 seminars, 7 workshops, 33 guest lectures, 2 international conferences, 2 summer schools, 2 intensive courses, 1 methodological discussion
• 1 encyclopedia, 4 books, 69 articles

The project has allowed to develop strong institutional links between partner universities and ensured their collaboration on completion of the project under the EU-funded programmes: 5 members of the EuinDepth consortium (P3, P4, P11, P12, P15) continued their cooperation in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme and jointly submitted Jean Monnet Network project dedicated to the international security under the 2018 call for proposals. Moreover, Voronezh State University (P11) and the University of Goettingen (P4) currently implement joint project in the framework of Action 1 International Credit Mobility and have ongoing mobility of staff and students.
Thanks to academic exchange visits between the partners, joint organization and participation in conferences, workshops, guest lectures, regular maintenance of communication between the researches participating in the project the project has much contributed to widening the research area concerning European identity and broadened cultural understanding between representatives of different nationalities, which is of great advantage in building constructive dialogue between European Union and Russia and avoiding what might be seen nowadays as a looming crisis in the relationship.

The project has enabled the universities to learn about the methods applied and organisation of research activities at each partner institution, which gave them valuable opportunity to gain appreciation of the scholarly traditions of Europe. The project also allowed the participating scholars to formulate new concepts in the rich field of identity studies that are both of philosophical and applied character.

The research and achieved results might be of particular interest to the scientists engaged in the area of the EU and identity studies; academic staff of universities delivering courses on the issues related to European identity; students whose major is directly connected with the area of identity; wider public.

Project website:
Contact person: Iulia Iatsko