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Symmetry Principles in Nature

Final Report Summary - SPIN (Symmetry Principles in Nature)

Symmetries have been known to play an important role in physical theories. They serve to constrain the fundamental interactions. The main idea of the project was to use symmetry related ideas to understand holographic field theories and non-equilibrium dynamics. We made progress on both fronts.

We used general symmetry principles to guide us in understanding holographic models; we in particular argued that a class of permutation orbifolds provides a clear prototype for the gauge/gravity correspondence. We also explored how entanglement structures in holographic theories may be constrained.

We also examined hydrodynamic effective field theories as part of our goal of understanding non-equilibrium dynamics in QFT. We have demonstrated that the considerations of microscopic unitarity and macroscopic manifestation of the second law of thermodynamics to be consequences of an emergent thermal gauge symmetry. This is perhaps the most important results derived in the course of the project.