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Study of high frequency vibration induced steady wetting and of high frequency vibration induced nanoparticle assembly for molecular electronics


"One of the main goals of scientific research nowadays is to develop methods to prompt and control natural processes at nanometre and micrometre resolutions for advancing technological capabilities at such length resolutions. Many corresponding examples exist, from which we bring the field of molecular electronics; although advanced remarkably in recent years, this field lacks cheap and efficient integration methods for fabricating nano- and micro-scale complex and inter- and intra-connected artificial structures made of large quantities of electronic building-blocks such as gold nano-particles, carbon nano-tubes, polymeric semiconductor wires, and other molecules of electronic viability 2-5. The PI is proposing to study the physics associated with translating complex electronic signals, comprising MHz to GHz frequencies, to uniquely determined micron and submicron non linear flow patterns, capable of integrating particulate suspensions into structures at related resolutions; flow is invoked through the intermediate step of translating electronic signals to packets of Rayleigh surface acoustic waves (SAWs) atop a piezoelectric SAW device in contact with particle suspensions that undergoes attachment/detachment processes according with the spatial strength and directionality of the flow and attraction/repulsion DLVO forces between the particles themselves. The PI will, foremost, elucidate the physics of SAW induced complex micron and submicron stable and unstable stagnant flow patterns in microchannels, and will further study stability of multiple particle suspensions, crumbed into patterns by flow, using principles of colloid science and the physics of particle interactions. This proposed study thus suggests a new approach for managing and controlling natural processes in nanometre and micrometre resolutions."

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Senate Building Technion City
32000 Haifa
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 100 000
Administrative Contact
Mark Davison (Mr.)