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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Creating links and innovative overviews for a new history reseach agenda for the citizens of a growing Europe

Final Report Summary - CLIOHRES.NET (Creating links and innovative overviews for a new history research agenda for the citizens of a growing Europe)

The CLIOHRES.NET Network of Excellence was specifically designed to address the novel historical challenges, needs and research opportunities emerging from today's context of a growing and expanding Europe. In the view of the partners, this was and is a vital area of endeavour, perhaps the most important and urgent task for building and strengthening the foundations of a peaceful, productive European community of citizens. Basic and unquestioned attitudes about ourselves and others are rooted in the ways that the scientific community in each country defines its research agenda. Historians create and cultivate selective views of the national or local past, which in turn underpin pervasive ideas about identities and stereotypes: national, religious, gender, political, etc. National historiographies today are still largely shaped by problems and preoccupations reflecting previous political and cultural contexts. CLIOHRES.NET was created to generate and test a new structure and agenda for the community of historical research, redirecting its critical efforts along more fruitful lines. With its links with other important European projects and networks it has attempted to make a difference in the future structure of historical research, both popular and academic.

Our main tangible results are published in the form of books, the 51 books issued by the CLIOHRES.NET. These are already marketed and present in universities and major libraries around the world. They are available free of charge online and, during the project, were available in book form free of charge to all partners and to all who requested them for research and / or learning teaching purposes.

The online versions are used by teachers worldwide who ask their students to consult our website, either indicating already the volumes and chapters used as reading for specific courses, or as a source for research papers. In the future, we will continue to be able to supply the volumes in book form to those who request them for legitimate purposes, although we will need to ask the recipients to pay the shipping costs.