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First Biodegradable Biocatalytic VascularTherapeutic Implants


"We aim to perform academic development of a novel biomedical opportunity: localized synthesis of drugs within biocatalytic therapeutic vascular implants (BVI) for site-specific drug delivery to target organs and tissues. Primary envisioned targets for therapeutic intervention using BVI are atherosclerosis, viral hepatitis, and hepatocellular carcinoma: three of the most prevalent and debilitating conditions which affect hundreds of millions worldwide and which continue to increase in their importance in the era of increasingly aging population. For hepatic applications, we aim to develop drug eluting beads which are equipped with tools of enzyme-prodrug therapy (EPT) and are administered to the liver via trans-arterial catheter embolization. Therein, the beads perform localized synthesis of drugs and imaging reagents for anticancer combination therapy and theranostics, antiviral and anti-inflammatory agents for the treatment of hepatitis. Further, we conceive vascular therapeutic inserts (VTI) as a novel type of implantable biomaterials for treatment of atherosclerosis and re-endothelialization of vascular stents and grafts. Using EPT, inserts will tame “the guardian of cardiovascular grafts”, nitric oxide, for which localized, site specific synthesis and delivery spell success of therapeutic intervention and/or aided tissue regeneration. This proposal is positioned on the forefront of biomedical engineering and its success requires excellence in polymer chemistry, materials design, medicinal chemistry, and translational medicine. Each part of this proposal - design of novel types of vascular implants, engineering novel biomaterials, developing innovative fabrication and characterization techniques – is of high value for fundamental biomedical sciences. The project is target-oriented and once successful, will be of highest practical value and contribute to increased quality of life of millions of people worldwide."

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