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Photon-Spin Entanglement in Hybrid Cluster State Architectures

Final Report Summary - PHOENICS (Photon-Spin Entanglement in Hybrid Cluster State Architectures)

Theproject PHOENICS focused on the realisation of solid-state quantum networks using spins as stationary qubits interacting with each other via photons as flying qubits. As a result of the research carried out under PHOENICS, we demonstrated record-high rate of quantum entanglement generation between distant spin qubits. We also realised an optical interface of disparate qubits, namely a trapped ion and a semiconductor quantum dot, a milestone demonstration of versatile hybrid quantum network concept. In parallel, we extended our work to the newly emergent atomically thin materials and discuvered a method to create large-scale deterministic fabrication of single photon source arrays. Finally, we demonstrated that nuclear spins in semiconductors can have an accessible coherent interface to a single qubit, which then can be controlled by light. This opens the route to deterministic quantum memories with collective enhancement, a feature highly desirable for quantum network hardware.