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Synthesis of pyrene-fused polyazaacenes for NIR applications

Final Report Summary - NIRVANA (Synthesis of pyrene-fused polyazaacenes for NIR applications)

Significant advances in electronics and plasmonics are expected to arise from customised polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) with optoelectronic properties in the near infrared region (NIR). The planar structure of PAHs can be constrained into exotic twisted conformations by means of congested substitution patterns, which has provided exceptional optoelectronic properties, enhanced solubility, and unique intermolecular π-contacts. NIRvana has made available a completely new family of twisted PAHs for near infrared applications. An increase in the speed and efficiency of synthesis will have a direct and substantial effect on our ability to investigate the optoelectronic properties of twisted PAH, as the provision of twisted PAH is the rate-limiting step. NIRvana’s ambitious research programme is orchestrated by an independent scientist with an excellent track record of achievements, and who has already established a fledgling and internationally competitive research group. Building on this and on his recent permanent appointment as permanent Research Professor, the award of this CIC project has enabled him to consolidate his group, build a portfolio of excellent research, and produce results that compete on the world stage.