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Modelica library of detailed magnetic effects in rotating machinery


The project intends to develop a new Electric Machine Modelica Library with improving functionalities for an accurate design and simulation of motors and generators.
New Externally Excited Synchronous Machines, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines (PMSM and BLDC) and Asynchronous Induction Machines (IM) models in Modelica language including spatial harmonics and nonlinear saturation behavior, as well as improved thermal model for the thermal evaluation of the machine, are the main objectives of the proposed project, together new software tools with GUIs for guided model design from geometric motor considerations and torque and power demand profiles.
Generalized space phasor theory to m phases with arbitrary spatial angle of the coils, and arbitrary number of windings and winding factor of the coils will be considered for the new Library. Constructive harmonics and distortions of flux couplings are taken into account as well.
Also, non-linearity due to saturation and skin-effect on the resistances are considered in updated libraries. Moreover, thermal models able to calculate hotspots and asymmetric windings temperature distribution from the thermal losses into the machine are included in the Library.
A graphical guided Interface for directing the modeling of machines is included in the project.

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Calle Jordi Girona 31
08034 Barcelona
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 180 496,06
Administrative Contact
Mercé Torrellas (Ms.)