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Researchers' Mobility Assistance in Iceland'


Destination: ERA is a project designed to increase mobility of researchers between Iceland and Europe and attract researchers from outside Europe to the European Reserach Area. In order to realize this, RANNIS will create a network of universities, enterprises and governmental agencies, removing barriers to researchers' mobility and providing information and assistance to mobile researchers. A centralized mobility centre will be established in Reykjavik to co-ordinate this network and organize its activities. The centre will also serve as the primary entry point for researchers looking for practical information about living and working in Iceland and set up a national mobility portal. RANNIS will serve as a bridgehead organization towards the European network of mobility centres. The project will be carried out within three periods of activities, a preparation period, kick-off period and a period of specific activities. Some activities will be on-going during the whole project period. The aim of all those activities is to develop a model of researchers' mobility assistance to be carried on after the end of this project and community support. By the end of the project period, three goals should have been realized: 1) To enhance knowledge and create understanding about researchers' mobility, in order to help developing quality assistance to mobile researchers and their families as well as to evaluate results of such actions over time. 2) To develop services and proximity assistance to mobile researchers by various means of information dissemination and personal assistance offered by a centralized mobility centre. 3) To create an Icelandic mobility network, including universities and research institutes, governmental agencies and enterprises, in order to incorporate all relevant institutions into one system facilitating researchers' mobility, connected to the European Research Area through a centralized mobility centre.

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