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Improving the Knowledge in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology for Technicians and Workers


KnowHY aims to provide the FC&H2 sector with a training offer for technicians and workers featuring quality in contents, accessibility in format and language, practicality for the targeted audience, ease of scalability and update, and at competitive costs which make the training offer economically sustainable after project completion. Thanks to this project both OEMs as well as professionals can rely on third parties to provide a sound and effective first training, covering the understanding of the technology, safety and regulatory aspects and the practical theoretical as well as hands on contents.

The Consortium consists of partners from European countries covering 7 of the most usual languages, as English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. Most of the partners combine a large experience in FC&H2 technologies and training or education, whereas FSV features an exceptional experience in developing e-learning training contents and courses.

The targeted audience technicians, workers and professionals in general with a practical knowledge in installation, maintenance and operation of hydrogen and fuel cell applications. Customized courses and modules will target individual applications as residential CHP, FCEV, HRS, distributed generation, or back-up systems, adapted from country to country and form sector to sector but preserving homogeneity.

KnowHy will take into consideration the findings of previous projects as HyProfessionals, TrainHy and H2-training.

The following actions are planned:
- Developing an online tool for accessing to the training contents via web.
- Developing specific courses adapted to the different applications addressed and translating them in the required languages. There will be different levels of knowledge.
- Carrying out practical seminars in existing facilities, such as demo projects, or labs adapted to the training.
- Dissemination among FCH-JU stakeholders, OEMS, education authorities, and the potential users.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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John Van Haare (Dr.)
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