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Sensor technologies enhanced safety and security of buildings and its occupants


Evaluation of calibration transfer strategies between Metal Oxide gas sensor arrays

Author(s): Jordi Fonollosa; Emre Neftci; Santiago Marco; Ramon Huerta
Published in: Elsevier BV 2015
Permanent ID: Digital Object Identifier:10.1016/j.proeng.2015.08.601

Calibration transfer and drift counteraction in chemical sensor arrays using Direct Standardization

Author(s): Fonollosa Magrinyà, Jordi; Fernandez, Luis; Gutiérrez-Gálvez, Agustín; Huerta, Ramon; Marco, Santiago
Published in: Elsevier instname:Universidad de Barcelona 2016
Permanent ID: Handle:2117/119111; Digital Object Identifier:10.1016/j.snb.2016.05.089

Electrochemical Detection of Ammonia Using a Thin Ionic Liquid Film as the Electrolyte

Author(s): R. van Schaijk; J.F.M. Oudenhoven; Wout Knoben
Published in: Elsevier BV 2015
Permanent ID: Digital Object Identifier:10.1016/j.proeng.2015.08.636

Compact Extensible Authentication Protocol for the Internet of Things: Enabling Scalable and Efficient Security Commissioning

Author(s): Antonio J. Jara; Maciej Ogorzalek; Marcin Piotr Pawlowski
Permanent ID: Digital Object Identifier:10.1155/2015/506284

Optimized ECC Implementation for Secure Communication between Heterogeneous IoT Devices.

Author(s): Marin, Leandro; Piotr Pawlowski, Marcin; Jara, Antonio
Published in: MDPI AG Sensors, Vol 15, Iss 9, Pp 21478-21499 (2015) 2015
Permanent ID: Digital Object Identifier:10.3390/s150921478; PubMed Central ID:PMC4610516; PubMed ID:26343677

Harvesting Entropy for Random Number Generation for Internet of Things Constrained Devices Using On-Board Sensors

Author(s): Maciej Ogorzalek; Marcin Piotr Pawlowski; Antonio J. Jara
Published in: MDPI AG Volume 15 2015
Permanent ID: Digital Object Identifier:10.3390/s151026838; PubMed Central ID:PMC4634515; PubMed ID:26506357