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Novel materials for organic electronics

Final Report Summary - NMAOREL (Novel materials for organic electronics)

Achievements during the whole period: Achievement 1 (A1): we have developed new IID analogue cores: including benzothiothiophene IID (BTTIID, the details could be seen the project mid-term report) and diazaisoindigo (AIID). Achievement 2 (A2): novel D-A polymer materials based on BTTIID and AIID cores with different repeat units have been developed. Achievement 3 (A3): the electron and hole transport properties and/or PCE in solar cells have been assessed. The mobility of azaisoinsigo with benzothiazole copolymers have electron mobility up to 1.0 cm2 V-1s-1, and the copolymer BTTIID with thiophene with very high molecular weight have achieved PCE for single cell BHJ solar cells up to 9.1 %. Achievement 4 (A4): the structure−property relationships have established to rationally guide the design of new organic polymer materials based on the new cores for OFETs and OPV.