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Novel applications of renewable based molecules for the production of cyclic carbonates and polycarbonates


Metal and organo-catalysed carbon dioxide (CO2) fixation is a feasible strategy for the preparation of new and sustainable chemical synthons and materials. The RENOVACARB project aims at preparing novel cyclic carbonates and polycarbonate based materials exploiting carbon dioxide conversion reactions on easily obtainable renewable-based compounds, most of which have never been used for this purpose before. Project development will focus on the overall process sustainability: (a) developing new environmentally friendly transformation protocols; (b) selective CO2 cycloaddition/alternate condensation reactions for the preparation of novel renewable-based cyclic and (poly)carbonates; (c) designing novel and simplified catalytic one-pot CO2 conversion protocols for non-functionalized renewable-based molecules; (d) preparing novel structural complex polycarbonates by alternate CO2 polycondensation reactions with renewable-based synthons blends. The resulting molecules and materials will be characterized and evaluated for practical applications. RENOVACARB is designed to develop simple and feasible strategies for renewable resources exploitation by incorporation of CO2 into added value molecules and materials, offering tangible alternatives to petroleum derived feedstocks. RENOVACARB will provide Dr. Giulia Fiorani, Experienced Researcher with a long lasting interest in sustainable chemistry and new material development, with specific technical training and project managing expertise, integrated with complementary added-value non-scientific skills, for a holistic approach to further academic career development. The Experienced Researcher will also have the possibility to work at ICIQ, a distinguished and internationally renowned European centre of excellence for Renewable Energies & Catalysis, under the supervision of Prof. Arjan W. Kleij, an international renowned expert in sustainable, carbon dioxide fixation protocols and development of functional (polymer) materials.

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