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Quality of vision and subjective satisfaction in new non-spectacle systems for restoring accommodation in presbyopic people


ProVisione project offers to the Researcher an extraordinary opportunity to become an independent scientist in the field of vision sciences. The Researcher’s interest in studying the quality of vision in patient with different systems of optical correction finds in the project the perfect ground in which acquire new skills and knowledge.
The topic of the project is the correction of presbyopia, that is the physiological, age-related loss in near visual function associated with the loss in accommodation. There is a huge interest in the field because presbyopia prevalence is extremely high with the number of presbyopes that in 2005 exceed one billion. Moreover there is increasing demand of presbyopia non-spectacle correction.
ProVisionet will bring different, interdisciplinary expertise together in order to study the relationship between two new optical approaches to restore accommodation (the Scleral surgery and the Femtosecond Laser to treat the lens), the visual outcomes and patient satisfaction. Effectiveness will be evaluated longitudinally and compared to other non spectacle, pseudo-accommodative optical devices available for presbyiopic correction (monovision and multifocal Contact Lenses, multifocal and accommodative Intraocular Lenses). The objective of the project will have to cover different areas that represent research pillars: optical devices used in the project, optical quality of the eye and accommodative response, psychophysics of visual function, subjective quality of vision, perceptual factors that affect the quality of vision. This will be possible thanks to the expertise from 3 Universities (the Host University in UK, one in Italy and one in Germany respectively), 3 Clinical Structures (2 Private clinics in UK and Italy; 1 NHS clinic in UK), 2 private companies (Germany and Italy).
ProVisione will involve a series of prospective and retrospective clinical studies that will be carried out on presbyopic patients from the clinical centres involved

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Shehzad Naroo (Dr.)
EU contribution
€ 231 283,20