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How active black holes shape the Universe: beyond Hubble


"Super-massive black holes in the centers of galaxies have active phases during which they are believed to expel large amounts of gas, quench star formation and shape the evolution of the entire galaxy. Multi-wavelength searches for this destructive `feedback' force are ongoing, with the goal of answering two key questions: is black-hole feedback devastating and common enough to play a key role in the evolution of the Universe? And what is the physical mechanism behind this force of evolution?
Driven by scientific and technological developments, the search is narrowing in on the crucial role of the cold gas, which is the raw ingredient for star formation. This Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship project aims to complement the fellow's expertise in this research area at radio wavelengths with the world-leading expertise of the host institute in optical and infrared ""3D"" (integral-field) spectroscopy. The scientific objective is to use novel techniques on high quality data obtained with Europe's largest telescopes to quantify the effect that black-hole feedback has on cold gas in galaxies, and study how this influences galaxy evolution throughout the Universe.
The coming years offer a crucial window to obtain the technical training required to fully exploit the `next generation' of world-class telescope facilities, with a leading role for Hubble's successor, the James Web Space Telescope (and on longer time-scales the European Extremely Large Telescope). The main career-development goal of this Marie Curie project is to position the fellow at the forefront of multi-wavelength optical, infrared and millimeter research on the role of active black holes in galaxy evolution during this exciting new era in observational astronomy. The involvement of the host's extra-galactic research group in the development, testing and scientific exploitation of prime instruments at the JWST and E-ELT, and their success in securing ALMA data, makes this ambitious goal possible."

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