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Modelling Endogenous Technical Change in Agriculture for Food Security


This Marie-Curie Project METCAFOS (Modelling Endogenous Technical Change in Agriculture for Food Security) represents an inter-sectoral mobility that significantly enhances the transfer of knowledge in a training-through-research framework by combining knowledge from various disciplines, namely mathematical optimization, econometrics, production technology, institutional and development economics.
The objective of METCAFOS is to endogenise the drivers of technical change in the global CGE model MAGNET with the aim of improving the quality of food security projections towards 2050 and contributing thus to the understanding of the role of the technical change in reaching food security for the world population.
The implementation of METCAFOS will be carried out in four stages, consisting of the compilation of global database for the empirical estimates of the drivers of technical change, the estimation of endogenous technology parameters in the second stage, their consequent incorporation into MAGNET in the third stage and deriving projections of food security under different policy scenarios in the fourth stage.
The contribution of METCAFOS to science is two-fold: firstly it aims at enriching the weak empirical evidence on endogenous and factor-biased technical change in agriculture. Second, it contributes to the CGE literature, by incorporating endogenous technical change in a global CGE model.
METCAFOS will bring important contributions to European Excellence by addressing issues that are important to ascertain food security for the decades to come. The importance of these topics has been recognized by the EU in the European policies of Food and Nutrition Security as well as in several research programs, including the FP-7 Project ‘Food Secure’, to which the METCAFOS project will contribute.

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