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Sustainable Supply Chains Design for Energy and Products: Environmental and Economic Criteria


The integration of process, supply chain, and network design with sustainability is the main focus of this proposal. The goal of the proposed work is to aid the cost-effective improvement of the sustainability and general environmental performance of manufacturing processes and business supply chains. This is to be done by combining concepts and methods from the P-Graph framework for network and process design, with process and supply chain concepts, and ideas and methods from sustainability and sustainable environmental management. The concrete result is expected to be a computer-aided methodology for designing manufacturing processes and sustainable supply chains in terms of cost and sustainability metrics by utilizing the P-graph framework. The methodology will be embedded in practical software suitable for incorporation into existing computer-aided processes and supply chain design. The proposed work would be an outcome of the fellow (Heriberto Cabezas) and the research group led by the creators of the P-Graph framework at the University of Pannonia. The fellow currently serves as Senior Science Advisor to the Sustainable Technology Division at the Office of Research and Development, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and he has been creator of much of the theory underlying the development and application of science-based metrics to sustainability. The p-graph framework provides a mathematically rigorous procedure for synthesizing optimal and alternative suboptimal networks subject to multiple objectives and constraints, which include profitability and sustainability in the proposed methodology. Specifically, to evaluate the sustainability of a given process under construction including its supply chain, sustainability metrics are inherently incorporated into the design procedure.

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