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Content archived on 2024-06-18

Knowledge Transfer of In vivo surgery and cardiovascular phenotyping for angiogenesis and preeclampsia studies


The major aim of this IVSCP project is the knowledge transfer from the Marie Curie International Incoming Fellow (IIF), Dr. Murdoch with strong expertise in cardiovascular microsurgery and background in effectively phenotyping cardiovascular disease in transgenic mouse models to the EU host organisation – Vascular Biology at Aston University. The area of medical research is geared around the knowledge that pivotal in the development of preeclampsia are changes in anti-angiogenic soluble Flt-1 (sFlt-1) and angiogenic placenta growth factor (PlGF). Therefore to find an answer to the current unmet medical need a better understanding of their regulation in preeclampsia and angiogenesis is required. The research aims will drive the knowledge transfer, these include to (i) Assess glutaredoxin-1 as a therapeutic target of preeclampsia; (ii) identify whether Heme oxgenase 1 and cystathionine-g-lyase regulate sFlt-1 by changes in glutaredoxin-1 to effect in vivo angiogenesis; and (iii) Increase our understanding of PIGF gene regulation and function in the endothelium. Dr. Murdoch will aid knowledge transfer through IVSCP by (i) establishing a new research collaboration with his current institute, Vascular Biology Section, Boston University; (ii) provide in vivo training of angiogenesis models and understanding of redox signalling to PhD students and Post-Doctoral Fellows in the host institute and co-host institutes (University of Birmingham and Exeter); (iii) identify novel redox sensitive targets involved in preeclampsia; (iv) provide lectures/practical to undergraduate and MSc students in the School of Life Science; and (v) organise workshops/forums for the wider ERA. Overall, the proposal intends to impart valuable skills and launch an international collaboration. In addition, this will accelerate scientific output from the Vascular Research team which recently moved to Aston University, to maintain its world-leading reputation in preeclampsia.

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B4 7ET Birmingham
United Kingdom

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Asif Ahmed (Prof.)
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