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A quantitative analysis of the micro-dynamics of persecution using biographic data of the Jews of Munich (1933-1945)


This project addresses the micro-dynamics of persecution during the Shoah. The project’s first main objective is the creation of a new and unique dataset based on biographical data of all 13,500 Jews who lived in Munich between 1933 and 1945, and historical tax and forced divestment files which will be digitalised at the beginning of the project. The second main objective is to use this novel data set and state-of-the-art econometric methods to analyse (i) the role of social status in the exposure to expropriation, (ii) the reaction of victims to expropriation, (iii) the roles of socio-economic characteristics in the success to migrate, and (iv) the roles of socio-economic characteristics in the timing and probability of deportation. This innovative approach is complementary to the mainly qualitative Holocaust literature and will fill persistent research gaps in Holocaust research in particular and conflict research in general.

The project will be realised at Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Sweden, and feature collaborations with the Staatsarchiv München and the Institute for Contemporary History, Germany. SIPRI is a leading institute in peace research and exhibits a strong record in the analysis of security, violent conflict and genocide. The project will be supervised by SIPRI’s current director Prof. Tilman Brück, who is a global expert in the empirical analysis of the micro-dynamics of violent conflict. The project involves a comprehensive training plan which will accelerate the researcher’s scientific performance and contribute to the achievement of her career goals in academia.

This inter-European, inter-disciplinary project is expected to meliorate European research excellence and produce significant outreach within an international multi-disciplinary scientific audience as well as the general public. It will allow follow-up investigations through the generated data set and will spark societal discourse and self-reflection.

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