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Ultra-short pulse fibre laser technology


Ultrashort fibre lasers have wide range of applications including optics communications, material processing, supercontinum generation and so on. They have been developed for several decades. There are still great motivation to explore novel ultrashort fibre lasers, which is not only scientifically interesting but also attractive to practical applications. The proposed project aims at implementing several kinds of novel ultrashort fibre lasers. First, the Fellow has experimentally realized a novel ultrashort fibre laser named multi-type-pulse ultrashort fibre laser, which can emit different kinds of ultrashort pulses in a single laser. We plan to develop a theoretical framework for this laser, based on the dispersion management theory developed by the EU hosts; A novel cavity configuration will also be implemented to realize double-type-pulse ultrashort fibre laser; Second, two kinds of similariton fibre lasers will be demonstrated experimentally for the first time: one is based on nonlinear spectral compression, which has been theoretically proposed by the host, and the other depends on dispersion decreasing technology; Third, we will develop a novel pulse narrow mechanism benefitting from similariton character; Fourth, ultrashort Raman fibre lasers will also be explored, supported by the EU hosts’ expertise in continuum Raman fibre lasers. Specially, high-resolution wavelength-versatile similariton/dissipative soliton Raman fibre laser will be demonstrated, which is very attractive in many application field such as optics communications and spectroscopy. All the work proposed will be implemented for the first time and represent significant progress in the filed of ultrashort fibre lasers.

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United Kingdom

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Administrative Contact
Sergei Turitsyn (Prof.)
EU contribution
€ 231 283,20