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The Voices of Venice. Anthro-Ecological Perspective on the Making of Medieval Europe


VoicesOfVenice aims to provide the principal researcher, a landscape archaeologist focused on medieval Europe, with comprehensive training in anthropology and ecology in order to re-write the “Origin of Venice”. The research will stimulate a critical reappraisal of the one of the most well studied European historical and social phenomenon, the birth of the Serenissima. The proposed project will develop a new archaeological viewpoint, including a comprehensive environmental approach, will help to implements innovative methods for re-interpret the formation of the new settlements in the Venetian lagoons between Late Antiquity and Early Middle ages. A unique archaeological dataset, derived from the privileged viewpoint offered by ongoing excavations in Torcello, will form the basis of the project.
New theoretical approaches will be developed, informed from new tendencies of the postprocessualist experiences in archaeology and social studies. The project will shift from current model where Material Culture is used to develop historical models, suitable for the explanation of the major past events, to a different material approach. Giving special attention to the physical processes in which the “things” of the past (artefacts, landscapes, technologies) have been exposed, archaeological and environmental data will be interrogate for knowing how ancient and present societies have been entrapped into the maintenance and sustaining of a very specific material world.
A significant part of the training will devoted to Public Archaeology, reconsidering how the tale of the “Origins” has been narrated. VoiceOfVenices aims to trace the anthropological perspective of the tale, starting with the review of the medieval chronicles, going on with the contemporary studies, and ending with the narration today, between academia, web and social networks.

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Dorsoduro 3246
30123 Venezia

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Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Administrative Contact
Stefania Quaderni (Ms.)
EU contribution
€ 350 669,80