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Information-Centric Network Management and Traffic Engineering


The current Internet architecture focuses on communicating entities, leaving aside the exchanged information. However, current trends show that what is exchanged is becoming more important than who are exchanging it. As a result, the Internet is effectively moving from interconnecting machines to interconnecting information. Moreover, the location-centric model used by the underlying Internet routing paradigm, transferring of datagrams from one routable endpoint to another, limits the ability to fully utilize resources that are available along the route from the provider to the consumer(s), such as storage (e.g. for caching) or computing (e.g. for re-encoding). Information-Centric Networking (ICN) has been proposed as a paradigm shift from the host-to-host Internet to a host-to-content one, or in other words from an end-to-end communication system to a native distribution network. This trend has attracted the attention of the research community, which has argued that content, instead of end-points, must be at the centre stage of attention. These efforts promise, among other things, more flexibility in adapting to new services, efficiency improvements on lower layers, and native multicast support. However, crucial questions remain, like the management of ICN networks which has not yet been addressed focusing (1) on Traffic Engineering (TE) and (2) cache and route management. Thus, the main goals of the proposed project “Information-Centric Network Management and Traffic Engineering” (INTENT) is to develop key network management functions for ICN networks related to route and cache management and to specify an overall ICN TE framework for content delivery.

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