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Towards a comprehensive characterisation of the Neolithic societies through their graphic expressions: cultural identities and contacts in the Western Mediterranean


This project focus on one of the more exciting cultural, economic and social transformation process: the Neolitisation and expansion of Neolithic societies in the Western Mediterranean (VI.mill .cal BC-III.mill cal. BC).The main goal of this project is to provide a comprehensive characterization of this cultural process in the Iberian Peninsula as well as of the cultural relationships between this territory and the European Western Mediterranean regions through their graphic expressions (rock art and pottery decoration).For that purpose, an innovative theoretical and methodological approach will be implemented regarding both graphic and archaeological record. On the one hand, a comprehensive analysis and documentation of the three graphic horizons located in the Iberian Peninsula, an exceptional artistic territory in the European Neolithic, will be carried out, using the latest developments in data management and interpretation as well as recording. Our purpose is to characterize the social and territorial dynamics of Neolithic societies though their parietal depictions, introducing for the first time an archaeological and anthropological approach in the study of Neolithic rock art. On the other hand, a contrasting analysis between the data provided by the archaeological and graphic record will be performed in order to reach a comprehensive characterization of the Neolithic cultural mosaic as well as of its social and economic dynamics and territorial structure. Finally, a characterisation of the intercultural relationships between Western Mediterranean regions through their system of beliefs will be developed, studying the dispersion and persistence of figurative themes in both rock art and pottery. In sum, this project will contribute to definitively integrate the Neolithic rock art in the discussion of the Neolithisation process and will provide a comprehensive characterization of this cultural process through all the archaeological and graphic remains.

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