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Multimedia Application Development Environment


The objective of MADE is to develop a system for the production of interactive multimedia applications and to validate it with industrial prototypes. The project aims to establish the MADE toolkit as a market standard and will use standard multimedia hardware and software.

The toolkit will provide C++ object libraries including 2-D and 3-D graphics, still images, multifont formatted text, audio and voice sequences, video sequences, animation objects and interaction objects. All these objects will be based on a common object model.

Other important functionalities will also be offered such as SGML (Standard Generalised Mark-up Language) and HyTime (a hypermedia product) translators, an ODIF support library for interchange of multimedia documents, and an interface to relational and object oriented data-bases.

The project will define a portability level that will assist portability across Unix and MS-DOS platforms. Windows-NT will be supported in the final version.

The MADE utilities will provide a set of application development tools including multimedia object editors, a user interface editor, utilities for authoring, and tools for: on-line help support, user interaction recording, and object monitoring.

Special attention will be given to the product's ergonomics through the participation from the beginning of the project of the ergonomics team of FhG-IAO.

MADE aims to deliver four ready-to-market applications built using the validated environment:

- a health-care system featuring ultrasound laboratory patient data, including text, data, 2D and 3D images, synchronised videoclips, audio and hypermedia
- a multimedia maintenance manuals application for aircraft supporting SGML/HyTime full representation for interchange
- a training system for automobile engineers to provide training and on-line technical assistance to support complex "numerical simulation" activities
- a tourist kiosk application, able to provide rich and captivating information for tourists in transit based upon touch screen interfaces using a "map" metaphor.

The MADE project is heavily involved in international standardisation through the "PREMO" working group in the scope of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC24/WG6 "Multimedia Presentation and Interchange". CWI chairs the working group and Bull represents AFNOR interests. PREMO has already established formal relationships with Object Management Group (OMG), Interactive Multimedia Association (IMA) and Multimedia and Hypermedia information coding Expert Group (MHEG).


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