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Final Report Summary - SUPREME (SUPREME)

The research project and the integration of the fellow was executed as planned. 36 peer reviewed publications were published during the period and 5 manuscripts are under peer review. The fellow is fully integrated into the institute, has achieved a chair and a promotion to professor. The fellow has secured substantial amounts of external funding (>£600,000) from national and international sources through collaborative or individual research bids.
The fellow has managed to build a research group consisting of permanent staff, temporary post doc positions and PhD students. Practically the fellow has managed to build a new cutting-edge computational lab for high performance computing which is used to develop a so-called next generation atmospheric transport model for pollen and spore forecasting. This model is expected to be an integrated component in future forecasting for the UK area. The fellow has also achieved to attract capital funding for cutting edge detection equipment (~£200k) with respect to bioaerosols which consolidates the group among the leading groups in the world concerning simultaneous detection and simulation bioaersols. These methods go substantially beyond the original project proposal and concern real-time detection, detection with drones, detection with low cost instruments and detection using molecular genetics, radically changing the scientific understanding and dissemination to the public. Along with the new atmospheric model, this is expected to have a lasting impact on both the scientific community as well as the society as a whole, e.g. in relation to agriculture and health.