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Public Involvement with Exhibition on Responsible research and innovation


PIER (Public Involvement with exhibition on Responsible research and innovation) is a project to engage the public on the Responsible Research and Innovation in society.
The project will develop an exhibition with a participatory programme to engage the large public on the concrete achievements of the European scientific research and innovation today, enhancing the responsible approach in the implementation of research and highlighting its implications for the territorial development and for the quality of life of citizens. The exhibition will include different means of communication and participation such as hands-on exhibits, prototypes and demonstrators, videos and multimedia products; it will be supported by public programs, which will use dialogue formats in order to engage the public in the RRI dimensions of science and technology.
The exhibition will be addressed to and implemented with representatives of societal actors of the Research and Innovation process of implementation: researchers, businesses, media, educators, civil society organizations and policy-makers as well as citizens, who will be involved in different times and formats during the project.
In order to address better the interest of the public, the beneficiary proposes to focus the exhibition on ocean research which is a relevant theme for citizens of the Neapolitan region, as the Mediterranean Sea is a prior element of the natural environment to preserve and a source for the economic development. The topics tackled in ocean research are part of the key priorities of Horizon 2020 tackling societal challenges and citizens’ concerns today in the European Research agenda.
The exhibition will be opened during the Italian European Semester 2014 in November in order to give a greater relevance to the project by involving representatives and policy makers at the highest level, and to enhance the European dimension of the event and to reinforce its visibility.

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Fondazione IDIS-Città della Scienza
Via Coroglio 104
80124 Napoli
Activity type
EU contribution
€ 500 000
Administrative Contact
Emanuela Bocchetti (Mrs.)