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Analyzing Durability Of iNsulating materIalS


"The SAGE2 project was conceived with the goal of developing a novel counter-rotating open-rotor demonstrator. Implicit in its design is a system capable of deicing the rotors. The most effective method of deicing is one which uses electrical resistance to heat the rotor blades; however, in order to deploy such a deicing technique, it is imperative that the electrical systems supplying power are capable of withstanding the associated harsh environmental conditions.

The ADONIS project will advance the SAGE2 project by evaluating the various insulating materials under consideration for use. It will expose the materials to aging conditions consistent with their use: both immersion and spray will be studied in order to elucidate the effects each type of environment has, and how it affects the long term aging behavior of the material.

RESCOLL is a specialist in nonmetallic materials testing, and will use its expertise in the characterization and aging of the candidate materials to provide the SAGE2 project with the best possible material.

The ADONIS project will be undertaken in six steps. The first will be concerned with the day to day management of the project. The second will undertake an exhaustive study of the existing literature on the subject of insulating materials and their interface behavior in terms of electrical properties. This study will also establish clear methods for the assessment of the materials behavior, ensuring that the results of this project represent the most recent and informative data possible on the subject.

The third step will establish a clear planning methodology and timeline for the testing of the materials. The materials themselves will be tested in steps four and five. The results of these aging tests will be used to develop a set of recommendations in step six as to the best materials to be used in the SAGE2 system."

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