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Small deformations in deep foundation for engineering practice in terms of the finite element method


Deep foundation within anchored diaphragm walls is a modern method of construction of high buildings in densely built-up urban areas. Deep excavation in poor soils causes many dangers for the stability of the existing constructions. A safe excavation process within anchored diaphragm walls is a very complex process. All the problems that might occur on the construction site can be solved only with the use of large software packages based on the Finite Element Method. The software is being developed by various research teams. The software enables solving complicated initial-boundary tasks. The applications take into account all the variety of phenomena occurring at the construction site. They describe the filtration and structural consolidation, the linear elements modelling the diaphragm walls, anchors, concrete injections and struts, contact elements, and modelling the excavation process with the removal of elements. We are also planning to create constitutive models that account for the increase of the You ng's modulus for small strain. The models will later be implemented in HYDRO-GEO, the largest Polish finite element package, which is focused on the issues of geotechnics. The application is being developed by several Polish and foreign research centres. T he package was created at Warsaw University of Technology and has for many years been improved to serve the needs of academic staff and engineers for theoretical and numerical studies and solving practical problems. HYDRO-GEO is a tool that has given rise to many scientific papers, doctoral dissertations and publications. In the application part we are planning to create a numerical model of deep foundation of a high-rise Millenium Plaza building situated in Warsaw. We will perform a numerical analysis of s tagged excavation within anchored diaphragm walls in 2D and 3D. The received numerical results of displacements of the walls will then be compared with the measurements done at the construction site.

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