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European Union Contest for Young Scientists 2014


EUCYS´ 2014 programme for schools and public visits

Alignment and approval of the schedule of visiting the contest area by the students and their escorts from all kinds of schools: primary, middle as well as high schools from all over the host country, especially from Warsaw.

Final sponsor´s list

Approval of the final list of sponsors and partners including media partners of EUCYS 2014.

Contest catalogue

Preparation of this year catalogue which will include general information about the contest, precise information about all projects carried out this year and information about the organizers and partners of the EUCYS 2014.

Schedule of the contest

Approval of final version of the schedule of EUCYS 2014.

List of participants: Nobel Laureates and VIPs

Confirmation of the final list of VIPs and Nobel Laureates, the local politicians, representatives of culture and science participating in EUCYS 2014.

EUCYS 2014 final programme

Approval of the final version of the schedule of the EUCYS 2014 including programme of the contest, accompanying and parallel program and visiting schedule.

Dissemination and communication plan

Develop in alignment with European Commission the dissemination and communication plan. Those plans will include participation of all kinds of media representatives (television, newspapers, social media, etc.)

Manual for corporate identity

Elaboration of manual for corporate identity of EUCYS 2014 describing the EUCYS 2014 sign and principles of project's visual identity.

Detailed description of HO prizes (special donated prizes)

Alignment and approval of final list of core prizes (principal prizes), international cooperation prizes, honorary prizes and host/local prizes.

List of participants

Approval the list of participants according their registration at the website and consistent with the EUCYS 2014 regulations.

Implementation team and organizing office of EUCYS 2014

Organization of the project office and selection of members of the EUCYS 2014 preparation team who will be involved in the project and responsible for it.


Providing suitable and comfortable accommodation for participants and their escorts for the time of the EUCYS 2014. There will be a separate hotel for the participants and their escorts, separate for the jury, representatives of European Commission and VIPs. Journalists will be accommodated in third separate hotel to not disturb the participants as well as the jury.

Signature of the contracts with the selected transportation company

Selecting suitable transportation company, which will serve the EUCYS 2014. Preparing and negotiating content of the contract with that company with a result in signing favorable and consistent with Public Procurement Law contract.

Accompanying programme schedule

Developing precise schedule of accompanying program that will bring Poland closer to participants and their escorts as well as entertain them during their stay in Poland in the time of EUCYS 2014.

Signature of the contracts with the selected catering companies

Selecting suitable catering companies, which will serve the EUCYS 2014. Preparing and negotiating content of the contracts with those companies with a result in signing all required and needed contracts. Selection of catering companies will be held according to the Public Procurement Law.

Management and organization of the project

Developing project management system of EUCYS 2014, and establishment of a steering committee and organizing committee.

EUCYS 2014 invitation

Invitations to EUCYS 2014, including the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony and the contest, will be prepared and sent.

Launch of the EUCYS 2014 website

Developing website of the EUCYS 2014 presenting the contest and including news about EUCYS 2014 as well as most interesting information about participants and the contest. Information System for EUCYS 2014 will be implemented .

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