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Understanding Planet Mars With Advanced Remote-sensing Datasets and Synergistic Studies


Improved model of Mars water cycle & clouds & its validation with available data

This delivery will describe a comprehensive study of the available data on water vapour and frost, combining data from MGS and MEx, including the climatology of seasonal surface frost and the information on the vertical distribution obtained in previous WPs, focusing on the discrepancies found in previous comparative studies, and validating and tuning the water cycle included in the LMD-MGCM, adding If necessary, new or improved parameterisation of different physical processes.

Aerosols-free surface reflectance in the 0.4 – 4 μm spectral range

Aerosol-free surface reflectance maps derived from data acquired by OMEGA/MEX for specific regions covered by OMEGA on Mars. The surface reflectance will include the solar and thermal spectral regions from 0.4 μm to 4 μm. Diagnostic spectral indexes for the identification of mineralogical units.

Vertical profiles of aerosols properties

A radiative transfer technique in spherical geometry and including multiple scattering will be applied to OMEGA IR limb spectra to characterize dust properties, namely vertical maps of opacity and grain size distribution with altitude.

Improved ozone vertical profiles from occultation observations

Extensive description of the improvements implemented in the retrieval codes to take into account the non-homogeneity existing along the line of sight. Using the code developed under WP6 to better take into account the temperature and pressure gradients across the terminator predicted by GCM (D6.1) and the in-homogenities along the line of sight, reprocess the SPICAM occultation observations to provide improved vertical profiles for ozone.

Climatology of Mars cloud optical depth and particle size using MEx OMEGA imaging spectrometer data

A climatology of cloud particle size and opacity as retrieved from the entire NIR spectral data OMEGA dataset (using Aerosol-free surface reflectance maps from CP3) with documentations detailing the method and the scientific findings.

Subsurface model and concentration profiles for trace gas release

To produce profiles of concentration of trace gas species through the martian subsurface. This will be performed for a range of conditions and scenarios. Detailed description of the gas transport model to be used for the subsurface trace gas transport studies.

Code, full documentation and published validation for LETKF assimilation scheme

This report will include the code, full documentation and published validation for LETKF assimilation scheme

Ice table stability zone maps for present-day regions of trace gas observations and landing sites through time

This delivery will provide quantitatively plausible scenarios for the evolution of near-surface ice by taking into account relavant observations to present-day near-surface ice distribution from e.g. MARSIS/MEx.

Maps of improved ozone and dust properties

Improve the dust optical properties by considering SPICAM/UV and CRISM/MRO observations and show the impact on the ozone distribution.

Report on Lyman-alpha emissions

Report on the simulation and interpretation of the Lyman alpha emissions, including observations from SPICAM and simulations with a Global Climate Model

Retrievals of water vapour mixing ratio over a same region before, during, and after a dust storm

Retrievals of water vapour mixing ratio over a same region before, during, and after a dust storm. At the same time, the PFS LWC will be used to retrieve water vapour mixing (see, e.g., Fouchet et al., 2007). The effect of the dust storms on the atmospheric and surface temperatures (D5.2), as well as on the H2O abundance (D5.3) will be analyzed by comparing these quantities retrieved before, during, and after the occurrence of the storm.

Maps of ice clouds as seen in the UV

Using the new method and algorithm developed under WP4 to detect the presence of clouds from nadir observations in the UV spectral region, build maps of ice clouds

Extend and validate reanalysis of past spacecraft data, including choice of a reference period for cross-validation

This deliverable will include an extension and validation reanalysis of past spacecraft data, including choice of a reference period for cross-validation.

Report on simulated temperature/densities

Scientific report about the comparison between the simulated temperature/density structure of the upper atmosphere with the measurements, including the correlation with the conditions of the lower atmosphere

Heat flow report for the ExoMars and InSight landing sites and other selected regions

Scientific report of regional surface heat flow models for the locations of ExoMars and InSight landing sites and other places of special interest, including data for use in GIS.

Retrievals of atmospheric temperature profiles (from the surface up to 50 km), surface temperatures, and dust and ice opacities during regional and global dust storms

The radiance observed by the PFS Long-Wavelength Channel (LWC; 200-2000 cm-1) depends on several parameters of the atmosphere and surface of Mars, as described by radiative transfer theory: the surface temperature and emissivity, the column density of dust and water ice aerosols in the atmosphere, the air temperatures as a function of altitude, the surface pressure, and the column density of water vapor and carbon monoxide. Adopting the very general formalism of Bayesian analysis, an algorithm for the scientific analysis of individual calibrated PFS measurements has been developed. In our retrieval scheme, the entire range 400–1100 cm−1 is used simultaneously for the self-consistent retrieval of the following parameters (state vector elements): (a) surface temperature; (b) air temperature profile (in the indicative range 1–50 km); (c) integrated silicate dust content; (d) integrated water ice content. A description of the adopted method can be found in Grassi et al. (2005).

Heat flow at present-day Mars and evolutionary frame of the Martian heat flows

Scientific report presenting a global surface heat flow model for the present-day Mars, and including data in standard format permitting their use by a Geographycal Information System (GIS). Model of the evolution of Martian heat flow of and their patterns of regional variability, including data in standard format for use in GIS.

Trace gas assimilation scheme publication and dissemination of data set

This deliverable is a publication of the trace gas assimilation scheme and will also include a dissemination of the data set.

Atmospheric emissionsAtmospheric emissions and maps of UV dayglow

Scientific report on the measurements of the MEx IR non-LTE and UV dayglow, and their simulation. Maps at different seasonal/solar cycle conditions of the UV dayglow emissions as predicted by a 3D Global Climate Model

Subsurface water vapour transport model and clathrate hydrate stability zones over time

This deliverable will provide a dynamic model for the subsurface water vapour diffusion and ice deposition. It will also investigate spatial/temporal variations of the clathrate stability zone within the crust of Mars as a function of different crustal compositions (i.e. location)

Model fields of atmospheric quantities

Provide fields of atmospheric quantities, such as temperature, pressure, trace gases concentration at the day/night terminator using GCM models to characterize the photochemistry of Mars during sunrise and sunsets

Trace gas atmospheric concentration as a function of surface composition

Produce a report describing the atmospheric concentration of potential trace gas species, as a function of atmospheric state and surface adsorbent compositions. Compilation of outputs relating to subsurface reservoirs and the transport of trace gas species in the martian subsurface and atmosphere.

State of the art at the end of the project

Report on the state of the art three years after the start of the project, with a focus on the specific achievements and the knowledge generated during UPWARDS.

MSL and ExoMars EDL atmospheric profiles and the performance of advanced filtering methods

Reconstructed atmospheric variables using MSL EDL trajectory & forebody pressure data. Comparison of the performances of advanced filtering methods on reconstructed MSL trajectory & atmospheric variables. Reconstructed trajectory & atmospheric variables for ExoMars EDL & related publications.

State of the art at the start of the project

The goal is to describe the state of the art in the different directions of UPWARDS and at the beginning of the project, as a reference to define the starting point and to evaluate goals and achievements throughout the duration of the project and at the end of it.

Upper atmosphere temperature and density datasets

Dataset of vertical profiles of CO2 and CO in the upper atmosphere obtained from the analysis of OMEGA and PFS IR measurements, and of the temperature derived from them

Vertical profiles of H2O for selected seasons and locations

Vertical profiles of H2O and CO for selected seasons and locations in a format facilitating its dissemination (PDS, or ESA-based ExoMars archive format).

Multiple-scattering radiative transfer code for atmospheric limb observations

Development, testing and validation of multiple-scattering radiative transfer model for spherical geometry to be used for limb observation data.

Exploitation, Dissemination and C&EPO strategic plan

This delivery will clearly define the tasks related to the Dissemination and Exploitation activities within the Consortium, including release of new high-level data to ESA archives, the creation and preservation of a reference archive of the Consortium publications, reports and deliveries, adn the outline of the diverse directions to promote the exploitation of the UPWARDS results. Design and distribution of an evaluated C&EPO strategic plan, including an identity project design & a brand guidelines document.

2nd Video about the Mars scientific challenges addressed by UPWARDS

2nd Video about the Mars scientific challenges addressed by UPWARDS directed to the general public.

Micro-exhibition for Science Museums

Micro-exhibition including video, hands-on stands, interactive discussions, classical films & conferences by experts from UPWARDS & others. (M18-M30 depending on stakeholders)

Final Data Release Description Document

Document explaining the implementation and formatting of the Level 2 and higher level data produced and released to European archives (including PSA).

1st video on scientific challenges & UPWARDS

Production of 1st Video about the Mars scientific challenges addressed by UPWARDS and the presentation of the project to the general public.

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Present-day heat flow model of Mars

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Reply to comment “On the hydrogen escape: Comment to variability of the hydrogen in the Martian upper atmosphere as simulated by a 3D atmosphere-exosphere coupling by J.-Y. Chaufray et al.” by V. Krasnopolsky, Icarus, 281, 262

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Modelled isotopic fractionation and transient diffusive release of methane from potential subsurface sources on Mars

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Properties of a Martian local dust storm in Atlantis Chaos from OMEGA/MEX data

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The vertical transport of methane from different potential emission types on Mars

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Regolith-atmosphere exchange of water in Mars’ recent past

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The water cycle and regolith–atmosphere interaction at Gale crater, Mars

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Global energy budgets and ‘Trenberth diagrams’ for the climates of terrestrial and gas giant planets

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History and Applications of Dust Devil Studies

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Field Measurements of Terrestrial and Martian Dust Devils

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Particle Lifting Processes in Dust Devils

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Transport processes induced by metastable boiling water under Martian surface conditions

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Effect of the Lateral Exospheric Transport on the Horizontal Hydrogen Distribution Near the Exobase of Mars

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Mass wasting triggered by seasonal CO 2 sublimation under Martian atmospheric conditions: Laboratory experiments

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CO 2 sublimation in Martian gullies: laboratory experiments at varied slope angle and regolith grain sizes

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CO 2 non-LTE limb emissions in Mars' atmosphere as observed by OMEGA/Mars Express

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Downslope sediment transport by boiling liquid water under Mars-like conditions: experiments and potential implications for Martian gullies

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A spectral synergy method to retrieve martian water vapor column-abundance and vertical distribution applied to Mars Express SPICAM and PFS nadir measurements

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The Interlayer Regions of Sheet Silicates as a Favorable Habitat for Endolithic Microorganisms

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Numerical modelling of the transport of trace gases including methane in the subsurface of Mars

Author(s): Adam H. Stevens, Manish R. Patel, Stephen R. Lewis
Published in: Icarus, Issue 250, 2015, Page(s) 587-594, ISSN 0019-1035
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The physics of Martian weather and climate: a review

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Analysing the consistency of martian methane observations by investigation of global methane transport

Author(s): James A. Holmes, Stephen R. Lewis, Manish R. Patel
Published in: Icarus, Issue 257, 2015, Page(s) 23-32, ISSN 0019-1035
DOI: 10.1016/j.icarus.2015.04.027

A Lorenz/Boer energy budget for the atmosphere of Mars from a “reanalysis” of spacecraft observations

Author(s): Fachreddin Tabataba-Vakili, Peter L. Read, Stephen R. Lewis, Luca Montabone, Tao Ruan, Yixiong Wang, Alexandru Valeanu, Roland M. B. Young
Published in: Geophysical Research Letters, Issue 42/20, 2015, Page(s) 8320-8327, ISSN 0094-8276
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Removal of atmospheric features in near infrared spectra by means of principal component analysis and target transformation on Mars: I. Method

Author(s): A. Geminale, D. Grassi, F. Altieri, G. Serventi, C. Carli, F.G. Carrozzo, M. Sgavetti, R. Orosei, E. D’Aversa, G. Bellucci, A. Frigeri
Published in: Icarus, Issue 253, 2015, Page(s) 51-65, ISSN 0019-1035
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Constraints on a potential aerial biosphere on Venus: I. Cosmic rays

Author(s): Lewis R. Dartnell, Tom Andre Nordheim, Manish R. Patel, Jonathon P. Mason, Andrew J. Coates, Geraint H. Jones
Published in: Icarus, Issue 257, 2015, Page(s) 396-405, ISSN 0019-1035
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