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BIOlogical therapy CYCLEs towards tailored, needs-driven, safer and cost-effective management of Crohn’s disease


"BIOCYCLE Scientific and financial progress report #2"

Scientific progress reports in compliance with the EC-Grant agreement at M36: -CHU and sCINNAMIC will put in place a management platform to: - maintain and monitor the work plan, the timely production of Deliverables, the Milestones including making alerts if deviation appears compared to tables 3.1.c (deliverables) and 3.2.a (Milestones); - To ensure that there is adequate collaboration between the clinical [SPARE] and non-clinical teams working on different work packages within the project; -Coordinate internal and contractual periodic reporting; -Coordinate financial and administrative issues: establish and maintain financial records, coordinate cost statements submission, follow-up of EC payments, distribute partner shares according to the Consortium Agreement. To administer project resources (human and financial); -Maintain contractual documents (EG-CA, Consortium Agreement) Special attention will be brought to consistency of management procedures across the SPARE study and the global BIOCYCLE Project including in terms of financial reporting. Clear information and assistance will be provided to the SPARE Study team including the Project Assistants of the Co-sponsors on the rules and expectations of the Commission for financial reporting especially e.g., for helping to gather the needed information among the clinical sites [third parties of the Co-sponsors]. CHU and sCINNAMIC (nested at CHU) will hold weekly short Project Management Meetings for enabling seamless day-to-day monitoring of the Project Progress and discuss possible managerial and financial issues encountered as well as how to solve specific problems. An extranet platform will be set up (member restricted access with individual login and password) to manage confidential information to be shared by all partners, such as: (i) Grant Agreement related documents (grant agreement and annexes including technical annex, consortium agreement), reports, charts, updated financial plans, etc., (ii) contact information (address book), (iii) information about activities conducted by each group (iv) access to scientific data bases, protocols, SOPs and internet‐based data management tools developed in BIOCYCLE, (v) communication rules and guidelines (vi) ethical and regulatory documents, and (vii) knowledge management‐related documents A web‐based reporting tool accessible from the extranet will be set up for the collection reports elements (scientific and financial reports). Harmonization and final edition of the periodic reports will be performed by CHU in collaboration with sCINNAMIC for the management‐related sections, based on the information compiled by the tool. -Monitor project progress, identification and trouble shooting of technical and organisational problems, strategic/technical co-ordination meetings; -Supervise achievements and propose evolution of the project according to those achievements; -Organise the yearly Steering Committee meeting in parallel to the ECCO congress (February 2016-2021) Attendees: CHU, sCINNAMIC, GETAID&Co-Sponsors, and WP-Leaders Typical agenda: - Evaluation of the level of achievements compared to the objectives, main problems/solutions and next steps; - Decisions for improving the efficiency of the consortium, re-orientation of parts of the work, if necessary, and means to implement them; - Approval of the propositions of the WP-Leaders, the Knowledge-Management Platform and the Data Management Platform; - Decision on the general structure for preparing the Scientific and financial reports (at M36)

Submission package

Final version of study protocol as submitted to regulators ethics committeesno need to change deliverable if later amendmentsRegistration number of clinical study in a WHO or ICMJE approved registryPlease note Result posting for the study must be possibleApprovals ethics committees and national competent authority if applicable required for invitation enrolment of first subject in at least one clinical centre


The BIOCYCLE website will be the firstlevel information center on the general progress of the project sCINNAMIC will be in charge of designing and updating the website which will give separate access to patients associations the medical community and other stakeholders eg policymakers needing information to better understand the objectives of the Project and how their achievement may have an impact on their own activities decisions and orientation The BIOCYCLE website will act as the firstlevel interface between the BIOCYCLE consortium and the outside world for collecting and sorting questions redirecting specific queries to the right members of the consortium and as such to measure the interest of the public and stakeholders for this projectThe website will also regularly post eg short newsletters on major advances of the BIOCYCLE Project publications prepared during the Project and short tutorialsA secured access to the Participants will include templates monitoring and reporting procedures for scientific and financial reporting summaries on crossdisciplinary discussions used definitions meeting notes access to general documentation

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