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Malopolska Researchers' Night 2014-2015


Activities during the night

o Report on the activities (type, success rate, participation, problems encountered), possibly accompanied by pictures, DVDs, videos… Delivery together with management report at the latest

Awareness campaign

Report on the awareness campaign (main communication means mobilised, number of articles, inserts, ads, posters, banners…) Samples of the promotional material displayed Delivery: Together with management report at the latest


Coordinator o Malopolska Voivodship – Economy Development Department of the Marshal Office; o In charge of overall administrative, legal, accounting and financial management of the project; o Responsible for the overall progress monitoring, quality control, control of compliance with rules and arrangements, as well as with budgetary constraints; o Interfacing with the relevant EU services (negotiation, reporting); Project Team o Composed of project managers, selected amongst the staff of Economic Cooperation Team of the coordinator: promotional manager (awareness campaign, ECO researcher competition, public relations), events manager (collaboration with partners' representatives); event impact manager (preparation of the report in cooperation with participating organisations and subcontractor) and WP4 Manager (coordinator’s assistant); o Assisted by website manager, logistic manager and financial manager; o Responsible for legal and financial management of the project; Project assistants o Designated by each of the partners; o In charge of coordinating/carrying out the project in each of the institutions involved; Decision making process o Based on consensus amongst partners' representatives o Should no consensus be reached, decisions are made by coordinator Internal communication flows o Daily communication via phone and/or electronic mailing, o Meetings : o monthly meetings between coordinator and Work Package Managers; o Weekly meetings between Coordinator and WP4 manager; o Once every 2months between Coordinator, WP managers and assistants from partners; o According to the needs between WP 4 manager, other WP managers and project assistants.

Impact assessment

"Description of Work Description of the current situation o Existing studies and surveys to be identified; o Previous impact assessment exercises conducted in the framework of previous Researchers’ night events; Tools o Questionnaires (ex-ante, in-itinere and ex-post)addressing: o Kids: perception of scientists, most popular activities; o Adults, parents, minders, teachers: main sources of knowledge about the event, most popular activities, influence of the event about opinion about the scientists’ job; o On line research: traffic on social media, project website… google analytics; o Desk research analysis: based on detailed analysis of secondary data o Processing of comments and opinions collected to dedicated e-mail address and on social networks; Indicators and parameters to be applied o Qualitative: public opinion on researchers and their job (associations with the word ""researcher"", characteristics of ""actual researchers"", characteristics of ""desired researchers""), interest expressed for science and research, interest expressed for science careers, typology of attendees (age, gender, occupation, background…), intention to attend similar events in the future and involvement of researchers funded by Horizon 2020, including Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions in the activities of the NIGHT; o Quantitative: number of attendees, rating of the event, participation in various activities (number of participants in each activity offered), number of hits on website, number of friends and followers on social networks, number of promotional items displayed and media coverage. Selection of the sample o Method: random selection o Absolute figures: at least 1.500 questionnaires filled in."

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