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Embedding crop diversity and networking for local high quality food systems


Policy recommendation in support of food diversity in food supply chains

Report on policy recommendation to boost food diversity

Searchable database based on T2.2 results available from project public website

Report on database built on results of Task 2.2.

Assessment of the potential of the diverse methods to create relevant diversity for breeding

Report on suitable methods to create diversity for breeding.

Inventory of UPR available as downloadable report from the project public website

Report on underutilised plant genetic resources

Connecting methods: toolkit of common methods and meta-analysis for field trials, seed networks and food chain analysis

Report on a toolkit of common methods and meta-analysis for field trials, seed networks and food chain analysis, specific (new) method and methodological development where appropriate for all WPs, based on the perspective of integrating a multi-actor approach with statistical analyses in participatory breeding approaches and the maintenance of genetic diversity at various levels.

Proceedings of the scientific DIVERSIFOOD congress

Report on the scientific DIVERSIFOOD congress

Publication of pamphlet on ‘Best Practice’ for on-farm evaluation of UPR

"Report on ""Best-Practice"" for evaluation of underutilised plant resources on farm."

Assessment of the impact of social network and seed exchange on crop genetic diversity

Report on the impact of social networks and seeds exchange on genetic diversity

Outcomes of DIVERSIFOOD public events (field days, workshops and training sessions)

Report on dissemination activities in the framework of DIVERSIFOOD (field days, workshops and training sessions).

Proven concept for a multi-actor approach suited for participatory researches

Report on the approach for a multi-actor approach suited for participatory researches.

DIVERSIFOOD dissemination plan

Report on dissemination strategy and communication tools

Concepts for flagship label, trademark and other communication tools in support of the marketing of underutilized crops (food diversity)

Recommendations of flagship labels and trademarks concepts for promoting food diversity and rural development in different market and label environments.

Guideline for marketing of newly bred lines from participatory plant breeding and underutilized crops for different countries

Report on recommendation for marketing of newly bred lines.

Policy paper based on final recommendations

Report on final recommendations of task 4.5.

Smart methods specifically suited for decentralized on farm breeding

The lead beneficiaries of this deliverables are 01. INRA and 14. RSP. Report on smart methods specifically suited to decentralized on farm breeding to take into account genotype by environment/crop management interactions.

Proceedings of the European stakeholders’ forum

Proceedings of the European stakeholder forum

Results of the workshop on CSB

Report on the workshop on community seed systems.

Report on the connection between diverse crop production and divers foods

Description of the connection between a local, diverse agri-culture and diverse (plant-derived) food-culture

Results of the side event at the ITPGRFA

Report on event at the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

Report from case studies about on farm selection and seed production

Case study concerning on farm selection and seed production.

Report on Intercropping trials available to download from the project public website

Report on trials available on the project website.

Development of PPB and professional breeding methods

Report on the development of PPB and professional breeding methods.

Common definitions and hypotheses for agricultural diversity

Report on the defined common set of definitions and common hypotheses for agricultural diversity.

Report on local seed production systems

Report on seed systems in Europe

Key-elements, barriers and bridges for diversity within crop, farming systems and food chains

Report on elements for diversity within crop, farming systems and food chains

User-friendly tools incorporating the relevant methods for decentralized on farm breeding

The lead beneficiaries of this deliverables are 01. INRA and 14. RSP. User-friendly tools incorporating the relevant methods for decentralized on farm breeding (e.g. R packages for data mining in PPB).

Video presenting the project

Production of video explaining the project

Project leaflet

Production of leaflet to present and promote the project


Concepts and Strategies of Organic Plant Breeding in Light of Novel Breeding Techniques

Author(s): Edwin Nuijten, Monika Messmer, Edith Lammerts van Bueren
Published in: Sustainability, Issue 9/1, 2017, Page(s) 18, ISSN 2071-1050
Publisher: MDPI Open Access Publishing
DOI: 10.3390/su9010018

Enhancing Legume Ecosystem Services through an Understanding of Plant–Pollinator Interplay

Author(s): María J. Suso, Penelope J. Bebeli, Stefanie Christmann, Célia Mateus, Valeria Negri, Miguel A. A. Pinheiro de Carvalho, Renzo Torricelli, Maria M. Veloso
Published in: Frontiers in Plant Science, Issue 7, 2016, ISSN 1664-462X
Publisher: Frontiers Media S. A.
DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2016.00333

Long-term on-farm participatory maize breeding by stratified mass selection retains molecular diversity while improving agronomic performance

Author(s): Mara Lisa Alves, Maria Belo, Bruna Carbas, Cláudia Brites, Manuel Paulo, Pedro Mendes-Moreira, Carla Brites, Maria do Rosário Bronze, Zlatko Šatović, Maria Carlota Vaz Patto
Published in: Evolutionary Applications, Issue 10/09/2017, 2017, ISSN 1752-4571
Publisher: willey on-line
DOI: 10.1111/eva.12549

Mischkulturen mit Leguminosen im biologischen Anbau

Author(s): Arncken C, Böhler D, Winzeler A, Rathgeb U, Dierauer H, Clerc M, Hohmann P, Messmer M.
Published in: PGRL Fachtagung zur Erhaltung und nachhaltigen Nutzung von pflanzengenetischen Ressourcen für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft, Issue 17/11/2016, 2016
Publisher: Schweizerische Kommission für die Erhaltung von Kulturpflanzen (CPC-SKEK)

Fungal diversity in traditional maize varieties and potential mycotoxin production

Author(s): Oliveira BR*, Ferreira JP, Barreto Crespo MT, Bronze MR, Vaz Patto MC
Published in: Clinical Microbiology 6:1 (Suppl) Mycotoxins 2017: World Congress on Mycotoxins and Toxigenic Fungi. Amsterdam. The Netherlands, Issue 27-28 February, 2017, 2017
Publisher: willen online

Cultures associées de légumineuses dans l‘agriculture biologique

Author(s): Arncken C, Böhler D, Winzeler A, Rathgeb U, Dierauer H, Clerc M, Hohmann P, Messmer M.
Published in: Congrès RPGAA pour la conservation et l'utilisation durable des ressources phytogénétiques pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture, Issue 17th november 2016, 2016
Publisher: Commission suisse pour la conservation des plantes cultivées (CPC-SKEK)

O Projeto DIVERSIFOOD. Dos recursos genéticos à cadeia de valor

Author(s): Mendes Moreira P*, Bocci R, Rey F, Santos D, Dinis I, Vaz Patto MC, Chable V
Published in: IV Colóquio Nacional de Horticultura Biológica. Universidade do Algarve, Campus de Gambelas, Faro. Portugal., Issue 17-19 March, 2016, 2016
Publisher: willey on-line
DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.4838.3128

A participatory approach to breeding for diverse and adapted wheat mixtures on-farm

Author(s): van Frank G., Rivière P., Goldringer I
Published in: EUCARPIA Symposium on breeding for diversification, University of Kassel, Witzenhausen, German, 19-21 February 2018, 2018, Page(s) 51-53
Publisher: J Bacanovic-Sisic, D Dennenmoser, M Finckh

Applicability of winter Emmer and einkorn varieties and landraces in organic farming – extensive cultivation experiences

Author(s): S. Bencze, M. Makádi, T.J. Aranyos, M. Földi, P. Mikó and D. Drexler
Published in: XXV. Növénynemesítési Tudományos Nap (25th Plant Breeding's Day), Conference, Budapest, Hungary, 2019, Page(s) 226-230, ISBN 978-963-8351-45-6
Publisher: A Magyar Tudományos Akadémia Agrártudományok Osztályának Növénynemesítési Tudományos Bizottsága


Author(s): Szilvia Bencze, Marianna Makádi, Attila Tomócsik, Mihály Földi, Dóra Drexler
Published in: Őshonos- és Tájfajták - Ökotermékek – Egészséges táplálkozás – Vidékfejlesztés Minőségi élelmiszerek – Egészséges környezet: Az agrártudományok és a vidékfejlesztés kihívásai a XXI. században (Native cultivars and landraces - Organic products - Healthy nutrition - Rural development - Good quality food-stuff - Healthy environment: Challenges of Agricultural science, 2018, Page(s) Abstact: 29-30, Proceedings: n.a. (pp. 4)
Publisher: Nyíregyházi Egyetem, Műszaki és Agrártudományi Intézet

Breeding for mixed cropping and Anthracnose resistance of lupins

Author(s): Arncken, C, Hohmann, P, Messmer M
Published in: EUCARPIA- Breeding for diversity, 2018, Page(s) 67-69
Publisher: Uni Kassel

Caracterización de los bancos de semillas comunitarios en el Estado español

Author(s): María Carrascosa-García, Beate Koller, Juan José Soriano Niebla, Paula López González y Marta González Muñoz
Published in: Revista AE, Issue 34, 2018, Page(s) 52-54, ISBN 978-84-09-08458-6
Publisher: SEAE

Community biodiversity management. An analysis of Community Seed Banks in Europe.

Author(s): Riccardo Bocci, Beate Koller and Adanella Rossi
Published in: Third International Conference on Agriculture and Food in an Urbanizing Society. “Healthy food, socio-biodiversity, and sustainable agrifood systems: innovations from consumption to production”. Conference Proceedings, 2018, ISBN 978-85-66094-45-9
Publisher: Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande Do Sul

Community Seed Systems: New Networks to Build Synergies Among Seed Stewards

Author(s): Veronique Chable; Stephanie Hughes; Lee Buttala
Published in: Organic Seed Growers Conference Proceedings, Issue February 14 - 17, 2018, 2018, Page(s) 90-91
Publisher: Hubbard, K. 2018. Organic Seed Growers Conference Proceedings

Determining novel sources of beneficial alleles towards high nutritional, organoleptic and processing quality in maize

Author(s): Alves ML, Carbas B, Maria Belo M, Bento-da-Silva A, Brites C, Gaspar D, Paulo M, Mendes-Moreira P, Brites CM, Bronze MR, Malosetti M, van Eeuwijk F, Vaz Patto MC
Published in: 17th meeting of the EUCARPIA Section Biometrics in Plant Breeding. Ghent, Belgium, Issue 3-5 September, 2018, 2018
Publisher: EUCARPIA


Author(s): Carrascosa-García M., Yanes Figueroa M., Padel S., Oehen B.
Published in: XIII CONGRESO SEAE “SISTEMAS ALIMENTARIOS AGROECOLÓGICOS Y CAMBIO CLIMÁTICO”Resúmenes.14 - 17 noviembre 2018 - Logroño (La Rioja), Issue 14/11/2018, 2018, Page(s) 130, ISBN 978-84-946563-7-8
Publisher: SEAE

Multi-actor research for the renewal of minor cereals in the Western part of France

Author(s): Nelson Daurelle; Goulven Maréchal; Franck-Emmanuel Leprêtre; Florent Mercier; Véronique Chable
Published in: Organic Seed Growers Conference Proceedings, Issue February 14 - 17, 2018, 2018
Publisher: Hubbard, K. 2018. Organic Seed Growers Conference Proceedings

Optimizing breeding strategies and crop management for enhancing legume ecosystem services in organic farming

Author(s): M.J. Suso, C. Mateos
Published in: Innovative Research for Organic 3.0 - Volume 1 : Proceedings of the Scientific Track at the Organic World Congress the Organic World Congress, Issue 1; November; 2017, 2017, Page(s) 392-394
Publisher: Braunschweig: Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut
DOI: 10.3220/rep1510907717000

Participatory assessment of traditional varieties of wheat in the south of Spain

Author(s): María Carrascosa-García, Juan José Soriano Niebla, Alonso Navarro Chaves, Salvatore Ceccarelli, Eugenia Roldán, José Antonio Fulgado3, Marta González, Maria Pérez Picón
Published in: Issue 10/12/2018, 2018
Publisher: RAS

Strategies to valorise agrobiodiversity

Author(s): Oehen B.; Meier C.; Holzherr Ph.; Förster I.
Published in: 2018
Publisher: IFSA Europe

Proceedings of the Diversifood Final Congress

Author(s): Véronique Chable, Riccardo Bocci, Micaela Colley, Ambrogio Costanzo, Carlo Fadda, Isabelle Goldringer, Monika Messmer, Edwin Nuijten, Bernadette Oehen, Frédéric Rey
Published in: Proceedings of the Diversifood Final Congress, Issue December 2018, 2018
Publisher: DIVERSIFOOD project consortium

Screening of Lupin Varieties for Organic Mixed Cropping in Switzerland (Poster)

Author(s): Arncken C M, Böhler D, Messmer M M
Published in: In: Capraro, J., Duranti, M., Magni, C. and Scarafoni, A. (eds.): Developing lupin crop into a major and sustainable food and feed source. Proceedings of the XIVth International Lupin Conference, Milano, Italy, 21-26 June 2015, p.103., Issue Proceedings of the XIVth International Lupin Conference, Milano, Italy, 21-26 June 2015., 2015, Page(s) 103
Publisher: International Lupin Society

Farming practices and yield variation of buckwheat in Finland

Author(s): Marjo Keskitalo
Published in: Ries, C., C.Zewen, I.Kreft. Buckwheat in Europe - History, Culture, Gastronomy and Nutrition. Euro-IBRA 2015 - european Regional IBRA meeting, 10th - 12th December 2015., 2015, Page(s) 48
Publisher: National Museum of Natural History Luxemburg 2015.

La tecnica della bulatura: aspetti storici e prospettive future” (The intercropping technique: historical aspects and future prospects)

Author(s): Elena Buffolo
Published in: 2016
Publisher: UNIBO

Multi-actor approaches in organic plant breeding

Author(s): Alexandra Fuss
Published in: Issue Matr. Number 592699, 2016, Page(s) 93
Publisher: University of Hohenheim

Evolutionary Wheat Breeding in Italy: A Farmer-driven Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for Low-input and Organic Agriculture

Author(s): Matteo Petitti
Published in: Issue 01/08/2017, 2017
Publisher: MScCCAFS Conference 2017, 4 Sept 2016, NUI Galway

Caractérisation des forces de sélection à l'œuvre dans un programme de sélection décentralisée et participative de blé tendre

Author(s): Michel Turbet-Delof
Published in: Master thesis of Agronomy engineer at ENSAIA Nancy, 2018
Publisher: ENSAIA Nancy

Das Potenzial für den Anbau und die Nutzung von Edelkastanie in der Schweiz

Author(s): Amato Baumgartners
Published in: 2017
Publisher: Uni Kassel

Créer et gérer des mélanges évolutifs de blé tendre à la ferme: une expérimentation collective

Author(s): Jonathan Locqueville
Published in: Master thesis, specialty EDTS, AgroParisTech, Paris, 2018
Publisher: AgroParisTech, Paris

Gestion participative de la diversité cultivée et création de mélanges diversifiés à la ferme.

Author(s): Gaelle van Frank
Published in: PhD thesis of Paris-Saclay University, Issue Dec. 2018, 2018
Publisher: Paris-Saclay University

Genome-wide association study for kernel composition and flour pasting behavior in wholemeal maize flour

Author(s): Alves ML, Carbas B, Gaspar D, Paulo M, Brites C, Mendes-Moreira P, Brites CM, Malosetti M, van Eeuwijk F, Vaz Patto MC
Published in: BMC Plant Biology, Issue accepted with minor revisions, 28 February 2019, 2019
Publisher: BioMed Central

Three years of Emmer, Einkorn and Rivet wheat trials in UK organic farming

Author(s): Ambrogio Costanzo, Dominic Amos, Giovani Dinelli
Published in: Poster, DIVERSIFOOD Congress, 2018
Publisher: DIVERSIFOOD Final Congress

Recherche Agronomique Suisse 6 (11-12)

Author(s): Clerc M, Klaiss M, Messmer M, Arncken C, Dierauer H, Hegglin D, et Böhler D.
Published in: Recherche Agronomique Suisse, Issue vol 6 (11-12), 2015, 2015, Page(s) 508-515
Publisher: Conféderation Suisse, Agroscope

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