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Secondary prEvention of CardiovascUlaR disease in the Elderly trial


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Production of a public website to promote the project progress and results

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Document presenting the aims of SECURE and expected impact and results

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Document presenting the project objectives, main activities and foreseen results

Detailed dissemination plan

Document describing all dissemination actions planned during the course of the project

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La polypill à travers les résultats de l'étude HOPE 3

Author(s): Mrs. Fiona Ecarnot, Prof. François Schiele
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Putting polypills into practice: challenges and lessons learned

Author(s): Ruth Webster, Jose M Castellano, Oyere K Onuma
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Publisher: The Lancet Publishing Group
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Role of the polypill for secondary prevention in ischaemic heart disease

Author(s): José M Castellano, Valentín Fuster, Catriona Jennings, Eva Prescott, Héctor Bueno
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The cardiovascular polypill: clinical data and ongoing studies

Author(s): José M. Castellano, Héctor Bueno, Valentín Fuster
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The Fuster-CNIC-Ferrer Cardiovascular Polypill: a polypill for secondary cardiovascular prevention

Author(s): Juan Tamargo, José M. Castellano, Valentín Fuster
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Polypill, el policomprimido cardiovascular: del concepto a la realidad en España

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Polypill strategy at the heart of cardiovascular secondary prevention

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Clinical Effectiveness of the Cardiovascular Polypill in a Real-Life Setting in Patients with Cardiovascular Risk: The SORS Study

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