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Sustainability assessment methods and tools to support decision-making in the process industries


Summary of the dissemination activities

Dissemination activities are summarized including the stakeholder engagement

Case studies: analysis of best practice solutions in comparison with currently used techniques

The case studies will serve to evaluate of the suitability of the methodologies and practices The deliverable will describe the case studies for the use of selected methods in comparison with industrial practices

Sustainability assessment tools and indicators for cross-sectorial assessment

The applicability of the selected tools for crosssectorial assessment will be evaluated based on findings of the case studies conducted in WP2 and focusing on the transferability of the tools to different sectors and potential tools and indicators for crosssectorial use will be identified

Overview of existing sustainability assessment tools and tools that are known to be under development

Review of sustainability assessment methodologies based on a literature review of existing tools and methodologies as well as those under development will be identified and describedThe tools and methodologies will be categorized regarding covered sustainability aspects level of application and kind of decision they are used for

Detailed dissemination plan

Dissemination activities will be described in detail

Future research needs and input for standardization

Recommendations for future standardization and future research needs for developing a consistent set of sustainability assessment methods to be used in the process industry are reported

Description of current industry practice, and definition of the evaluation criteria.

An overview of tools that are used in process industries including the practice of application and the evaluation criteria of the methods

Best practices solutions: Tools, methodologies and indicators for sustainability assessment

Based on the criteria defined in WP1 and focusing on the possibilities to assess resources and energy efficiency the tools methodologies and indicators are ranked according to their suitability for assessing sustainability in an industrial context including the classification and information of existing sustainability assessment methods and tools

Sustainability assessment in the process industry – Future actions and development needs

The main findings and recommendations of the project will be summarized in an implementation strategy in which important steps for future development and successful implementation of the tools in the SPIRE sector will be recognized

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