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Josephson Junction Spectroscopy of Mesoscopic Systems


Nonlocal Josephson Effect in Andreev Molecules

Author(s): J.-D. Pillet, V. Benzoni, J. Griesmar, J.-L. Smirr, Ç. Ö. Girit
Published in: Nano Letters, Issue 19/10, 2019, Page(s) 7138-7143, ISSN 1530-6984
Publisher: American Chemical Society
DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.9b02686

Scattering description of Andreev molecules

Author(s): Jean-Damien Pillet, Vincent Benzoni, Joël Griesmar, Jean-Loup Smirr, Çağlar Girit
Published in: SciPost Physics Core, Issue 2/2, 2020, ISSN 2666-9366
Publisher: SciPost
DOI: 10.21468/scipostphyscore.2.2.009

A mesoscopic spectrometer based on the Josephson effect

Author(s): J. Griesmar
Published in: 2018
Publisher: Self-published

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