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European Roadmap for Cyber-Physical Systems in Manufacturing

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - sCorPiuS (European Roadmap for Cyber-Physical Systems in Manufacturing)

Reporting period: 2016-02-01 to 2017-01-31

sCorPiuS aims to define the roadmap for CPS4MFG (CPS for Manufacturing) in Europe and promote CPS adoption in Manufacturing sector to increase European Industry competitiveness.

Main Objectives of the project were:
To carry out an extensive analysis of the current framework and state-of-the art of CPS technologies, applications in industry, supplier and users as well the most relevant RD&I initiatives at global level;
To increase the understanding of how CPS technologies can improve engineering and manufacturing performance;
To analyze current development and needs in order to identify possible gaps and areas that need to be further researched;
To identify technological challenges and drivers in line with the needs of the vision for the future of engineering and manufacturing;
To develop, with the support of academic and industrial experts, a reference roadmap addressing the advances of CPSs (in terms of technology and implementation) that could also support the definition of further research streams in this area;
To increase knowledge and awareness (i.e. consensus building) about the use and impacts of CPSs in engineering and manufacturing by fostering a cross-sectorial dialogue involving potential users, experts and technology providers.

CPS are one of the major leverage to improve European Manufacturing sector competitiveness. All European countries undertook dedicated programs to spread this concept (with specific focus to SMEs) and promote adoption.
For such reason it is crucial create a common view among stakeholders and define a research roadmap including not only research priorities, but the identification of possible boundary conditions (technical and not-technical).

sCorPiuS, in collaboration with similar initiatives (projects and interest groups), developed a specific roadmap with the identification of smart technology on which devote efforts for research and dissemination.
"In the first project year has been completed activities related to:
WP1 State of the art of Cyber-Physical Systems in Manufacturing, specifically a two folds activity took place, first, an analysis of existing references in previous projects and initiatives, second a collection of knowledge from experts and stakeholders. That contributed to definition of stae of the art associated with a first segmentation (6 clusters) areas of potential impact and research.
WP2 Vision for the role of Cyber-Physical Systems in manufacturing, we executed Gap Analysis and Vision definition, that lead to the definition of the first version of the vision to be validated in defined (see T4.1) workshops.
WP4 Communication, Dissemination and Community building, first of all the communication material (presentations and flyer) was prepared; to such material in M13 a whitepaper with the vision will be also mada available. The web site was set up. The Dissemination Plan (D4.1) was released to the EC identifyng key events to disseminate sCorPiuS results and to create an experts' network to generate consensus and discussion around CPS in Manufacturing
In the second year the following activities took place:
WP2 Finalization of the vision and its validation in dedicated events
WP3 Definition and finalization of Research Roadmap
WP4 A comprehensive set of dissemination activities aiming to validation and dissemination

""D3.3 Final Roadmap whitepaper"" was the key project deliverable aiming to support the creation of a research and work agenda for CPS adoption in Manufacturing Sector.
Concepts and actions proposed were defined keeping, first of all, into account the voice of manufacturing stakeholders and experts. That allowed to address not just technical aspects in Smart Technology research agenda, but allowed to address general issues (e.g. Financial, social, etc.) that could prevent CPS broad adoption or creation of obstacles."
As a CSA, sCorPiuS is not expected to deliver specific results beyond the state of the art.
Nevertheless the following results constitute a significant progress for CPS in Manufacturing:
- The sCorPiuS vision represents an unifying contribution to a view able to involve three major aspects:
a. a specific manufacturing oriented value chain oriented architecture
b. a perspective of the creation of the digital twin of products and production assets all along their life
c. the closed loop impact both for products and production assets of data collected during their life
- A gap analysis methodology able to derivate and cluster Research Priorities from expected breakthroughs
- A roadmap including 14 Research priorities and two (context and technical) sets of recommendation able to provide a frame for definition of a complete program for CPS fostering in Manufacturing.
Namely the last point related to the roadmap is expected from the Research Priorities side, to support significant programs able to impact all the Manufacturing sector, while recommendations will support definition of accompanying measures aiming to acceptance and endorsement of CPS in Manufacturing.
Specific areas in General Recommendation as Social, Education and Return on investments sections are expected to create an impact well beyond the research domain.
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