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Boosting the European Innovative Satellite Technologies with In-Orbit Demonstrations


D6.2 : Funding strategy for IOD/IOV

The document will describe the various identified IOV/IOD funding strategies based on partnership models (PPP schemes). Partnership schemes will be described with details on the sharing of responsibilities, costs and risk between the private and the public partners. For each selected scenario, the document will match a partnership scheme or a mix of funding schemes depending on each IOV mission context.

D1.4 : Exploitation & Dissemination Plan

It will present a work-plan set-up at the beginning of the project in order to ensure its ‘impact’, by various means: - Dissemination: detailed plan for publishing at best-fitted Workshops & Conferences, including commercial fairs if for ‘face-to-face’ contacts with Space operators. - Concertation (exchanges) with the European Commission and the other ‘Compet-5’ projects at M3 in Brussels, in order to maximise the probability to build reliable scenarios until IOV/IOD’s, for actual implementation by GOTOFLY partners and others in the next years.

D1.2 : Public Summary Report

It will present a synthesis of outputs from all work-packages, and propose the best scenarios for In-Orbit Validation and Demonstration: - gathering the most crucial new technologies adapted to new services - associated with ‘carriers’ that will present the best ‘capacity versus cost’ ratio, while being an opportunity to improve the performances of these carriers for the future. - With realistic funding solutions, based on winner-winner associations of go-ahead private operators, satellite integrators, and Space Agencies supporting public interests in Space.

D4.1 : Catalogue of IOD/IOV carriers

The document will be a catalogue reporting and describing all carriers to host studied demonstrator payload for IOD/IOV. Carriers are composed by SAT Platform and related launcher that will be well described to identify supported IOD/IOV typologies of missions in term of orbital parameters, platform capabilities (supported mass, power etc.), constraints, launch opportunity identification and also to study case by case the opportunity to reuse the current carrier technologies or develop new ones. . This deliverable will compile all the files elaborated by the different partners identifying the IOD/IOV carriers. Each file will contain all the necessary information to perform this assessment (as described in the task). A standardized file contents will be requested and elaborated allowing neutral evaluation in further stages of the project.

D5.1 : Portfolio of Solutions & Opportunities

The document will detail a portfolio of solutions & opportunities for IOD/IOV as a set of quadruplets (mission, product/technology, carrier, launch opportunity). This portfolio will be elaborated by compiling the results of the review of the new satellite applications and services, the identification of new technologies & space products as well as the catalogue of IOD/IOV carrier and launchers.

D3.1 : Files of Candidate technologies & product

This deliverable will compile all the files elaborated by the different partners identifying the IOD/IOV technologies and products to be analysed and evaluated for future IOV/IOD missions. Each file will contain all the necessary information to perform this assesment (as described in the task) and special care will be taken to provide such information in a consistent way across suppliers and technologies in order to guarantee the feasibility and correctness of the trade-offs to be made based in these files. To do so, standardised file contents will be requested and elaborated allowing neutral evaluation in further stages of the project.

D2.1 : Missions review

This deliverable will consolidate in a comprehensive document the results of the global survey focused on new/innovative communication applications and services and addressed to relevant service providers and satellite operators. The market trend analysis and promising fields not yet properly covered by present generation of telecom satellites will be derived from the overall survey and from available studies addressing new and innovative products/technologies to be demonstrated before commercial use on telecom satellites. This document will be a major input for identifying and selecting the possible scenarios for IOD/IOV as well as for addressing some of the related programmatic aspects.

D1.1 : Intermediary Project Report

It will draw the synthesis of WP 2, 3, 4, 5.1, focusing on the main project intermediate results: >> outlining the main trends of the satellite telecom market (as GoToFly has committed to focus new Space technologies to be validated in-flight, on telecommunication missions, the most subject to harsh competition) >> portfolio of technologies and associated products which should be pushed in priority for consolidating the place of European Space industry in the worldwide competition for building the wining satellites providing the best services in he next future >> best ‘carriers’ to Space, matched to various sizes of Space equipment to be validated.

D1.5 : Final Report on Exploitation & Dissemination

It will present the results of the project for Disseminating its proposals concerning IOV/IOD’s : - at conferences or workshops concerning the Space activities - at main fairs on communication satellite systems, - at coordination events organised or supported by the EC. … and plans of partners in order to ‘Exploit’ its results, i.e. take a decisive role in preparing In-Orbit validations in the near future.

D1.3 : Public part of the GoToFly! Website

This web-site will be of easy access for a large public, both by its title and browsing facilities. It will present : - at the beginning the GOTOFLY! targets and workplan (work breakdown, planning …), - after each project milestone a summary of reached results, based on the abstracts of the delivered reports - the list of the Consortium presentations at various Conferences and Cluster meetings; for Conferences, taking into account proprietary issues, it will consist of links with articles stored on the organiser or editor websites.

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GOTOFLY!: An In-Orbit Demonstration of satellite-based M2M service over Europe

GOTOFLY! Project: IOD/IOV Mission Scenario for a Hosted Photonic Satcom Payload

Author(s): V. Schena, F. Finocchiaro, S. Vono, M. A. Feudale, J-D Gayrard, M. Sotom, M. Aveline
Published in: Proceedings of the 22nd Ka and Broadband Communications Conference, Issue 17-20 October, 2016, 2016