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Youth for Space Challenge - ODYSSEUS II


Lists of the winning teams and students of the first stage / national level

Lists of the winning teams and students of the first stage / national level will be issued on M14 for the Year I of the Contest and M26 for the Year II of the Contest

Lists of the winning teams and students of the second stage / regional level

Description of the activities performed and the selection process per region. The deliverable on M16 will be for Year I, while on Year II will be issued on M28

Odysseus II Stakeholders’ Engagement Plan

A detailed plan for stakeholders’ engagement will be defined. It will include the insights of D3.4, but it will focus beyond the space community by expanding the categories of stakeholders that should be engaged; e.g. schools, universities, industry, space camps, NGOs and the European citizens. This deliverable will be fine tuned on M20.

Space Stakeholders’ Engagement Plan

A detailed plan for space stakeholders’ engagement, defining the procedures and the space stakeholders that should be involved in the activities of Odysseus II Contest. This Plan will be revised on M15.

Report about the European Network of Volunteer Mentors on Space Science and Technology

Registry of mentors, presentation of results of the mentoring programme and description of mechanisms for setting up and managing the European Network of Volunteer Mentors; this report will be updated on M36.

Winners of the Final Phase Implementation

Description of the activities carried out for the selection of the finalists and of the awards (educational trips and internships) offered to winners. it will be issued on M18 for the Year I and on M30 for the Year II.

National and international educational activities on space exploration report

A report mapping all related national and international educational and outreach activities will be compiled and support the development of synergies with the Odysseus II Contest. This report will be updated on M20

Odysseus II Contest Evaluation Report

A report on the assessment of the Odysseus II Contest, at all stages and for the two circles (year I and year II)

Odysseus II project Dissemination Activities Report

A full report on the awareness and dissemination activities, stakeholder engagement and media related activities that were implemented for the whole duration of the project, including the materials printed or in electronic format.

Odysseus II Media Strategy Plan

A detailed strategic plan for media communication at national and international level

Odysseus II Space Champions Role Model

Description of procedures and actions that should be implemented to support the Role model for young people. It will be updated on M35.

Online Forum & Resources

The online forum will be operational as soon as the Contest will be launched as it will be the virtual place for the mentoring programme. Also, the space science and technology resources will be compiled, classified and made available from the beginning of the project, and will be constantly updated and enriched with references and on-line material.

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