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Conversion of Low Grade Heat to Power through closed loop Reverse Electro-Dialysis


2nd webvideo

A webvideo presenting the projects results


A website introducing the project and providing regular progress updates

1st webvideo

A webvideo introducing the project and the technological concept

2nd leaflet

A project leaflet (and e-leaflet) presenting the project’s results

1st leaflet

An introductory project leaflet (and e-leaflet)

Process simulator application

Report on the use of the final process simulator for the perspectives analysis of the RED HtP technology

Dissemination and exploitation plan

Updated (or confirmed) plan for ‘dissemination and exploitation’

Comparative performance analysis

Report comparing the two process options with final indication of the one selected for task 4.4

Advanced process simulator

Report on the development and validation of the advanced process simulator for simulation and design of the RED HtP lab-prototype

Design guidelines

Guidelines for project communication including a project logo, word and power point templates

Adsorption/desorption heat pumps impact

Report on the performance enhancement potential by a adsorption/desorption heat pumps

Pre-selection report

A report explaining the pre-selection decisions and the activities to be performed in the lab for WP3, WP4 and WP5

Very low temperature regeneration preliminary assessment

Report on the state of the art analysis and outcomes of the preliminary assessment of potentials of novel very low-T regeneration options, along with the list of options to be tested in tasks 4.2 and 4.3

Economic evaluation report

A report presenting the economic analysis for various applications of the system and highlighting the areas where the cost reduction efforts should focus

Report on environmental, social and other potential issues

A report analysing the potential issues, recommending strategies to minimise their impact and providing input to the system design


A targeted and quantified development roadmap

Basic modelling tool

Report on the development of the basic modelling tool for the selection and design of the 1st integrated systems

Report on the perspectives of the technology

A report summarising the results of the heat sources study and the analysis of the framework conditions, providing recommendations for the heat sources and countries that should be targeted first during the commercialisations phase

Communication and promotion activities

A report on the communication and promotion activities summarising all media presence, participation to events and social media achievements


Performance of a RED system with ammonium hydrogen carbonate solutions

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